Loyola University Maryland

Maru Martial Arts~Loyola Jujitsu Club

Estimated Cost of Full Four Year Program

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Approximate Student cost for the first semester is around $155.00 After that, if you only take the classes and not do any of the other activities offered it is only $120.00 per year.

Cost per student / Club dues / .72 per hour $50.00 Each Semester
Student Handbook of required techniques $25.00 First Semester
AJA Dues. Due when you pay your class fees $20.00 Renewed yearly
Ju-Jitsu Uniform can be ordered through class. Price by the size $30 + Will last all four years +
Maru Martial Arts pays for all of your promotional fees. They also
pay for all of your belts through brown belt
0 Every 3 month $60 savings per year
Maru Martial Arts pays promotional fees for black belt exam 0 $50.00 savings
AJA Promotional Certificate for Kyu Ranks (Brown 3,2,1 ) $8.00 Each promotion
AJA Shodan Certificate for Black Belts. Final Belt Exam $20.00 Required AJA National Certification
AJA Black Belt Instructor Certificate. Black Belt only $15.00 Required AJA National Certification
Standard Black belt with no embroidery $5.00 value Given to you by Maru Martial Arts
Other Costs (Optional)
A Good Black Belt (Black Belts needs to be bought and given to me before your exam) Up to $100+ No Satin Belts
Black Belt Embroidery Belt can be bought and embroidered at Warriors Emporium. We have an account there under Maru Martial Arts. Aprox. $40 for both Your choice
Black Pants once you become a Black Belt. $20.00+ Your choice
Sparring Gear (You really don't need it ) $60+for basic
Weapons (your choice to buy) You can borrow needed books and equipment $8.00 and up
School Patches (Maru and Loyola) $5 Each or 2 for $8
School trips i.e.. dinner, bowling, visits to other Dojo's for class etc. $25 ???
Hakama (Blue for Purple to Brown 1 or Black for Shodan and above) ABOUT $60.00
Tournaments and Seminars $10 TO ???

Students must be at least 18 years of age to receive a black belt.