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Hillel: The Foundation of Jewish Campus Life

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Students at Loyola University Maryland continually try to discover other religions and their intricacies, and align them with their own values. In addition, Jewish students at Loyola may have trouble connecting with Judaism and its values. Hillel at Loyola University Maryland enriches the lives of Loyola University Maryland’s undergraduate and graduate student community through immersion in Jewish familial traditions & customs, community service efforts throughout Baltimore, as well as weekly discussions involving current Israeli–Palestinian relations in the Middle  East. We continue to welcome students of all  spiritual and socio–economic backgrounds to broaden our own  perspective as a  multicultural  organization. We are likely the first chapter of Hillel in the United States to embrace such multifaceted goals of both spiritual integration and cultural  collaboration.

Main Events:

  • Dreidel with Loyola logosWeekly Discussions
  • Local Synagogue Visits
  • Menorah Lighting the Channukah
  • Passover Seder
  • Community Service Opportunities in the Jewish community
  • And more! 

Weekly Discussions:

We meet weekly in Cohn Hall in Campus Ministry to discuss evens, issues, and topics relevant to Hillel.

Contact Information:

Andrew Gorbaty, ajgorbaty@loyola.edu
Timothy Brown, tbrown@loyola.edu

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