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Excellence and Equity: The Impact of Racial Inopportunity on Student Development and Achievement at Windsor High School (PDF)

Research Supported by a grant from Connecticut State Department of Education, Windsor Alliance Grant, 2013. 

Excerpt from the Executive Summary:

"The objective for the Excellence and Equity Review was to conduct and disseminate critical research on learning, teaching, and leadership at Windsor High School (WHS). Specifically called An Excellence and Equity Review© (EER), this mix method approach gathered and processed data on how philosophies, practices, politics, pedagogies, and polices supported and/or impeded closing the achievement gap between culturally diverse and White American students. Researchers from Loyola University Chicago and Loyola University Maryland Schools’ of Education conducted focus groups with representative samples of 250 WHS students, 60 educators/leaders, and 50 parents and community members. Furthermore, researchers conducted descriptive and inferential statistical analyses on two graduating cohorts (2011 and 2012) of WHS students to understand what factors contributed to the variance in student performance on the Connecticut Achievement Performance Test (CAPT) in Reading and Math. Moreover, an ecological systems theory framework informed researchers, which highlighted the sociological nature of inopportunity in schooling rather than blaming individual actors (students, parents, and teachers) for the achievement gap."

The report includes the following three analyses:
  1. Look at Us: How Students at Windsor High School Experience Teaching and Learning.
  2. Equality with Equity: An Analysis of Access to Advanced Placement Courses at Windsor High School.
  3. Off Track: An analysis of track clustering, and the impact of initial course placements on future course enrollment and student achievement at Windsor High School.