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Executive Meeting Rooms

Preferred Rooms

The Expanded Program Room is an ideal choice for large conference meetings and special events because of its flexibility of seating arrangements, utilizing round and/or rectangular tables, or only chairs arranged in theater style (150).

For smaller events, this room can be divided into the Program Room (45) with round tables, and an Executive Classroom (32), each retaining the same flexibility of seating arrangements.

Our 40-person Executive Classrooms, set up in double-U configurations of rectangular tables, are well suited for seminars, meetings and trainings. Or perhaps you may need our 80-person Classroom Duplex with the tables arranged in rows, or our Computer Classroom with 36 computers and interactive technology console.

All of these rooms, in addition to our executive Seminar and Conference Rooms have fully Integrated Presentation Technology Systems.

Call 410-617-7601 for fee information or to discuss how our resources can specifically meet your requirements.

Room/Capacity Options

  • Expanded Program Room (150);
  • Program Room (45);
  • Executive Classrooms (40);
  • Classroom Duplex (80);
  • Tiered Classrooms (28 & 52);
  • Computer Classroom (36);
  • Seminar Room (12);
  • Conference Room (8) and;
  • Breakout Rooms

The Expanded Program Room offers a first class presentation of your event with a marbled floor gathering area outside its entrance for registration or congregating, a wall of windows giving a wonderful panoramic view of the lake, and offering a maximum of flexibility in set up configuration.

The room is a combination of the Program Room and the adjoining Executive Classroom (32). With the wall between the two rooms opened up, and a combination of classroom tables, round tables or all chairs, it may be used:

  • As a training, meeting, or seminar room on the classroom side and for breakout work sessions, or lunch, on the program room side;
  • As a training, meeting, or seminar room on the classroom side and, with the furniture removed from the program room side, an activity or exhibit space and/or;
  • As a large training or work groups setting with all round tables in both room sections As a lecture venue, set up in theater style with up to 150 chairs (without tables)

Program Room (45)

The Program Room is one half of the Expanded Program Room and is generally set up with round tables, with from 4 to 5 chairs at each table. This is a great room for work sessions, small receptions, catering setup or exhibit space.