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The Diversity Course Requirement

Application for the Diversity Course Designation

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In this section of the site, you will find the application form for the Diversity Course Requirement, which is a graduation requirement for all Loyola undergraduate students. To fulfill the requirement, students must take one course that has been designated a Diversity Course in the student's core, major, or electives. Students may take more than one diversity course.

A course receives "Diversity Requirement" designation when an individual faculty member develops or revises a specific version of a course in light of the Academic Senate's criteria, completes "Part One: For Faculty Submitting Courses," has his or her department chair complete "Part Two: For Chairs," submits the completed application form with course syllabus attached, and has the course approved by the Diversity Subcommittee. The submitting professor, department chair, and Office of Records receive notification of approval. Faculty teaching approved courses are requested to indicate the Diversity Course Designation in their course syllabi. Department chairs are charged with certifying that diversity course sections by the department are approved courses, which are indicated with a "D" in the section codes, as in "WR100D.01."

The Subcommittee on the Diversity Requirement accepts Diversity Course applications throughout the year and endeavors to process them promptly. Inquiries are always welcomed.

Applicants will find the following information useful in developing their applications:

  • The Subcommittee uses the Academic Senate's three specific definitions of global, social justice, and domestic diversity awareness in making its decisions. Applications must make clear how the designated type of diversity awareness is addressed.

Applicants should note the two parts of the application:

  • For the faculty author of the course.
  • For the chair of the department in which the course will be taught.

Both should be submitted together, along with the course syllabus and the narrative statement that explains how the diversity course designation requirements are met to Dr. Wendy Smith, UCC Chair, at wmsmith@loyola.edu.

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