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Application for Student Staff

Event Services

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Will there be any other demands on your time? _______                

If so, what are they? :

Past Employer Information (Please list most recent job first)

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References:  Please list two individuals who can serve as references below.  One should be a college faculty or staff member, and the other should be a recent employer.  These people may be contacted, so please remember to inform them that they are being used as references.

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Please answer the following questions in the space provided:

1.  Why are you applying for a Student Staff position with Event Services? 

2.  What skills and/or qualities do you possess that you feel would make you an asset to the Event Services staff?

I have read the job description and understand the responsibilities and duties of the Event Services position that I am applying for.  If I am selected for a position, I am willing to accept those responsibilities and duties.


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This application and a current resume and class schedule must be returned to the Event Services office in Newman Towers T4E.  You will be contacted about interview appointments and job offers upon return of your application.