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Upcoming Events

April 16 — Navigating the Tenure-Track Research Leave Program 12:15—1:30, SH105 (Tenure-Track Faculty)

 For more information.

17 — Life on the Tenure Track: My Strategies for Long-Term Success 12:30—1:30, Sellinger VIP (Tenure-Track Faculty)
Lunch conversation with Amy Wolfson, Lisa Fairchild, Doug Harris, and Gina Magyar

April 17 — Faculty Assembly — “Time and Depth for and with Loyola: Creat- ing a Framework for Ongoing Discussions” 3:00—5:00, 4th Floor Program Room  (All Faculty)
Carolyn Barry will facilitate a discussion with faculty surrounding Amy Wolfson’s ideals of time and depth at Loyola .

April 21 — Lincoln’s Last Speech, Louis Masur—Book Signing & Lecture 6:00 p.m. in Loyola/Notre Dame Library Auditorium (Everyone)
Sponsored by Ivy Bookstore and Loyola’s Academic Affairs  More ...

April 21 — Stories in Solidarity: Student panel on responses to Ferguson and beyond

8:00 p.m., 4th Floor Program Room

Sponsored by Campus Ministry, ALANA Services, CCSJ, Academic Affairs and the Counseling Center More ...

April 24 — Going Up: Finding the Path to Promotion  3:30—5:00, 4th Floor Program Room

(Associate Professors)
Lunch conversation with newly promoted colleagues and former member of the Board of Rank & Tenure. The spring alliance meeting of the Finding the Path initiative.  More...

11—14 — May Faculty Writing Retreat , 9:00—4:00, Library (All Faculty)
Part of the Finding the Time initiative to provide faculty with the external structure, space and encouragement that makes writing possible. Sign up for one day or many with Lona Thomas. More...



    Ongoing Initiatives


    Teaching Enhancement Workshops

    all faculty


    Academic Affairs works with the Teaching Enhancement Committee to offer an annual fall daylong workshop and spring half-day workshop. Sometimes workshops have a unifying focus or keynote speaker and other workshops offer a broader series of opportunities for faculty to come together in fellowship around our shared teaching enterprise.


    Research Clusters

    all faculty


    Research clusters and writing groups to nurture scholarly activity and cross-disciplinary intellectual community. Any research cluster or writing group should have in mind a concrete outcome, whether it be peer-reviewed publications, grant applications, book proposals, new curricula, or something else. The program is open to any faculty group with a good idea and an open door (e.g., digital humanities, sustainability, urban studies, peace studies). Academic Affairs can help coordinate meeting space and provide modest funds for books, refreshments, etc. If you want to start a group, contact Brian Norman, Faculty Development Fellow.


    Finding the Time

    all faculty


    Intensive writing retreats (a.k.a., boot camps) in those nooks and crannies of the academic year—fall break, early January, spring break, late May, summer. Intensive daylong writing sessions with breaks for food, community, and perhaps a bit of healthy griping. Come with an achievable goal and good attitude. We’ll do the rest. Sign up in advance with the Office of Academic Affairs so that we can make arrangements. All writing retreats 9 am – 4 pm at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library. 


    Nurturing the Next Generation

    new TT faculty


    A universal mentoring program pairing first-year tenure-track faculty with tenured faculty outside the home department and in conjunction with a yearlong series of orientation events.


    Finding the Path

    mid-career faculty


    Support group and strategy sessions for faculty who plan to pursue promotion to full professor in the next few years. Includes two successful senior faculty co-mentors who understand various Associate traps and productive solutions to them. More information in September.


    Senior co-mentors: Mary Lowe, Professor of Physics & Matt Mulcahy, Professor of History. More information: Brian Norman, Faculty Development Fellow.

    Going Public

    esp. senior faculty


    Interest seminar and writing group for faculty interested in public engagement and venues, modeled on the national Op-Ed Project. More information in September.


    Convener: John Conley, S.J., Bernard P. Knott Chair of Philosophy and Theology. 

    Minding the University

    all faculty, esp. senior faculty


    Faculty reading group for books on contemporary higher education, to nurture intellectual leadership on campus. More information in September.


    Convener: Doug Harris, Co-director of Messina and Associate Professor of Political Science. 


    Diversity Reading Groups

    all Loyola community

    Lunchtime discussions over three weeks in October designed to invite every member of the University community into shared conversation about diversity and inclusion, followed by a “what’s next?” wrap-up luncheon. This year’s groups focus on readings that have shaped the national conversation around race, gender, sexuality, and economic inequality. Sign-ups in mid-September.

    Past Events

    Spring 2015



    March 19 — Dossier Building, 12:15—1:30, CT113 (Tenure-Track Faculty)

    A Q&A with Deans and Chairs on building dossiers, both as a formative professional process and as an evaluative document for the purposes of review.


    March 26 — Scholarly Book Publishing, 1:30—3:00, Library 3028 (All Faculty)

    Q&A with university press editor on the state of scholarly book publishing and how to land a contract. Light refreshments.



    Feb 18: Teach-In on Ferguson, 5:00-6:30 pm, Fourth Floor Pro-gram Room (Everyone, sponsored by Peace and Justice Studies)

    Feb 19:  Peace & Justice Reading Group, 4:30—6:00, HU50A (All Faculty)

    You may pick up a copy of the book, Side by Side, from Lisa Flaherty in the Philosophy Department at HU 050R.

    Feb 20: Work-Life Balance (TT faculty)

    Fifth installment of structured conversations about life on the tenure track. Insights from seasoned faculty, department chair, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. 12:00-1:00, CT*M113. Light refreshments provided. More info.

    Feb 20:  Faculty Scholarship Event, 2:30—4:00, Ferguson Gallery (All Faculty, hosted by the Library)  More...

    Feb 23: Environmental Reading Group, 12:00—1:00, KH311 (All Faculty, Staff, and Administrators)

    Pick up a copy of Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril in JH115. Feel free to bring your own lunch. Questions: Bernadette Roche.

    Jan 8-9: Winter Break Faculty Writing Retreat (all faculty)

    Part of the “Finding the Time” initiative. Intensive writing sessions from 9 am - 4 pm, with communal meals and breaks. Sign up for one day or both with Lona Thomas, Office of Academic Affairs. Location: Loyola/Notre Dame Library.  

    Jan 7: Spring Teaching Enhancement Workshop: "The Jesuit Mission, in Action"(all faculty, administrators engaged in the teaching enterprise)

    9 a.m. – 12 p.m., McGuire Hall, followed by lunch from 12 – 1 pm.

    Featuring a panel of faculty who participated on the Ignatian Pilgrimage reflecting on how that experience shaped their teaching, followed by break-out sessions stressing practical classroom applications for integrating Ignatian pedagogy. Opening panel moderate by guest speaker Dr. Thomas Landy, director of the Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture at College of the Holy Cross and founder/organizer of the annual pilgrimage. Full program and website forthcoming.

    Jan 19: 22nd Annual MLK Convocation (all Loyola and Baltimore community)

    Ta-Nehisi Coates, "The Case for Reparations"

    5 pm, Reitz Arena. More info.

    Jan 20: Landing that First Article... and Aiming for the Big One (TT faculty)

    Fourth installment of structured conversations about life on the tenure track. Insights from seasoned faculty scholars, including journal editor and manuscript reviewer. 12:15-1:30, CT*M114. Light refreshments provided. More info.

    Jan 28: Environmental Reading Group (interested faculty, staff, admin)

    Kick-off session for a new reading group on environmental and sustainability studies. 12:00-1:00 pm, Knott Hall 311. Reading available in Academic Affairs. Convened by Bernadette Roche. More info.

    Fall 2014

    Dec 11: December Study Day Faculty Writing Retreat (all faculty)


    Part of the “Finding the Time” initiative. Intensive writing sessions from 9 am - 4 pm, with communal meals and breaks. Sign up for one day or both with Lona Thomas, Office of Academic Affairs. Location: Timonium Campus.

    Dec 8: After Ferguson: A Community Reflection (all Loyola community)


    4 pm, Fourth Floor Program Room


    A fishbowl conversation featuring thoughtful dialogue among 6-7 faculty, staff, students, and administrators, which then opens to the rest in attendance. Sponsored by Academic Affairs, ALANA Services, Campus Ministry, Center for Community Service and Justice, the Counseling Center, Peace & Justice Studies Initiative, and the Office of Student Life. Refer to the Presidential letter calling on us to join the conversation as part of a Jesuit, Catholic mission.

    Nov 18: Landing that First Grant…and Aiming for the Big One (TT faculty)

    Third installment of structured conversations about life on the tenure track. Pursuing internal and external grants, with Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and some successful grant-getters on faculty. 12:15-1:30, CT*M113. Light refreshments provided.

    Oct. 17-18: Mid-semester Writing Retreat
    (all faculty)

    Part of the “Finding the Time” initiative. Intensive writing sessions from 9 am - 4 pm, with communal meals and breaks.

    Oct 6-24: Diversity Reading Groups (all Loyola community)

    Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday lunchtime groups, starting Oct 6

    Wrap-up luncheon for all groups on Friday, Oct 24.


    Oct. 10: Teaching and Time Management (new TT faculty)

    Tips from seasoned faculty. The first installment of a yearlong orientation of structured conversations about life on the tenure track, open to all tenure-track faculty.

    Suggested preparation: James Lang, On Course, chapter 6.

    12-1 p.m., CT*M114. Bring your lunch if you like! 


    Oct 6: Finding the Path to Full Professor: Kick-off session (Associate Professors)

    Interest session and information exchange for a peer support group and strategy sessions for faculty who plan to pursue promotion to full professor in the next few years. Includes two successful senior faculty mentors, Mary Lowe (Physics) and Matt Mulcahy (History).

    12:30 - 1:30 pm, College Center Room M113. Bring your lunch, if you like!


    suggested preparation:




    Oct 1: Teaching First-Generation College Students (all faculty, anyone engaged in the teaching enterprise)

    Brownbag discussion on the needs and expectations of first-generation college students, and the challenges and rewards of teaching them. Teaching first-generation college students is a proud Loyola tradition since its beginnings. This conversation features insights and lessons learned from faculty and administrators involved in the Ignatius Scholars Program.

    12 - 1 pm, College Center Room M114. Bring your lunch, if you like!

    Co-sponsored by AASC and ALANA Services.

    suggested preparation:


    Sept. 19: Myths and Facts about the Tenure and Promotion Process (TT faculty)

    Panel of VPAA, Deans, and recent BRT members share accurate information and informed advice.

    3–4 p.m., Fourth Floor Program Room

    Co-sponsored with: Board on Rank and Tenure

    12 - 1 pm, Fourth Floor Program Room.

    Sept 5: Mentoring Program Kick-off -- Nurturing the Next Generation (new TT faculty)

    Kick-off session for new campus-wide mentor program pairing new tenure-track faculty with tenured mentors outside the home department. Idea exchange and best practices. Followed by first Faculty Assembly to introduce all new faculty. More information on the mentor program.
    2 - 3 pm, Sellinger VIP lounge.

    Aug. 27: Fall Teaching Enhancement Workshop (all faculty)

    Guest speaker and panels: Kendall Zoller, nonverbal communication in teaching.

    9 a.m.–3 p.m., McGuire Hall, Evergreen campus