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Club/Organization Funding

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There are three sources of club/organization funding:  Fundraising, SGA Finance Committee, Education For Life Committee.


  • All fundraisers must be approved and registered in advance by the office of student activities.
  • Clubs may apply to the SGA Finance Committee for funds to help with fundraiser start-up costs. Refer to SGA's Appropriations Procedures and Guidelines form for more information (available at the Office of Student Activities).
  • If a club plans to sell merchandise as a fundraiser, any design to appear on merchandise must be approved by that club's moderator.
  • All money raised during a fundraiser must be brought to the Office of Student Activities. It will then be deposited for safe-keeping. Students can access this money by working with the Student Activities office manager.  Students may not open bank accounts for clubs.
  • Students must use money obtained through fundraising by the end of the school year in which the money was raised.
  • Students may not donate via the Evergreen Card unless they are purchasing a specific good or service related to a fundraiser.
  • Student clubs and organizations attempting to sponsor a guest speaker from outside of Loyola University Maryland may not receive funding from any outside organization to use toward funding the guest speaker.


  • This student-led Committee meets weekly to review requests for funding from clubs/organizations that do not already have their own budgets.
  • Before a club/organization can request funding from this Committee, a representative from the group must first attend a mandatory workshop that addresses the club funding process.  This workshop should be scheduled with the Assistant Director of Student Activities.
  • Copies of the SGA Finance Committee's Appropriation Procedures and Guidelines and Request Forms are available in the Office of Student Activities.
  • Requests must be submitted to SGA online at least 10 days before funds are needed.
  • The online request form is available on SGA's Club Appropriations website.
  • Any funds that are granted to a club/organization from the SGA Finance Committee must be spent by the end of the school year.


  • The Education For Life committee (EFL) allocates funds to support educational and diversity programming outside of the classrom. EFL also provides partial support for professional development opportunities for students, and conference attendance. The committee now also accepts proposals from the graduate student community.
  • Committee members review and evaluate the merits of proposals and determine appropriate amounts of funds to be allocated to a particular program, as well as provide suggestions for planning and implementation to encourage a more successful program.

For more information about club/organization funding, please visit the Office of Student Activities in person or call x5388.