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Student Engagement

SophoMORE Year Experience

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Who am I? Who do I want to become? Who are my friends?
What do I want to major in? Should I study abroad?

These are just a few of the questions sophomores may struggle to answer during the sophomore year. Full of big decisions, sophomore year is an ideal time to learn more about Ignatian discernment—a process of making choices through prayer, reflection, and consultation with others.

Loyola’s office of student engagement recognizes the critical decisions and experiences that shape sophomore year, and offers a broad array of programs to challenge, mentor, and guide students as they define their life’s purpose, develop new relationships, broaden their mind, and develop stronger connections to the University community. Activities take place throughout the year, on campus and off. The experiences and the time you’ll need to invest vary widely, but you’re sure to find tools and support to help you navigate this important year.

Programs for sophomores are organized by three categories central to the office of student engagement:

Large group of studentsConnection

Who are my true friends? Where do I fit in at Loyola? What can I do in Baltimore? How do I develop meaningful relationships?

These programs aim at helping students develop and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, as well as help students connect to the community – both on and off campus.

Examples of programs include:

Students with Greyhound mascotDirection

What should I major in? Should I study abroad? What should I get involved in on campus? What will I do with my life after college? How do I get an internship?

These programs aim to assist students in navigating the specific challenges and opportunities of the sophomore year, especially at Loyola. Additionally, the hope is to help students develop and pursue academic and personal goals using personal discernment and decision making processes.

Examples of programs include:

Students in a circleReflection

Who do I want to be? What brings me joy? How do I give back to others? What’s my life purpose? What are my gifts and talents? How do I balance relationships and school?

These programs often offer students both time and space to pause, think, and reflect about the many questions and concerns that are significant to the sophomore year. A central theme of all these programs is to understand the concept and process of discernment.

Examples of programs include: