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Ad Infinitum Sophomore Community

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The Ad Infinitum Sophomore Community is an intentional community designed to support you through your sophomore year journey at Loyola University. In a year when students grapple with issues of identity, relationships and academic choices, Ad Infinitum is a place where you can find support from the Office of Student Life, the Office of Student Engagement and your peers. Support comes through a host of community programs addressing issues such as studying abroad, career and internship exploration, strengthening friendships, personal reflection, spiritual guidance and vocational discernment. The goal of Ad Infinitum is simple, yet powerful – we want you and your friends to live and learn better together.

 Would you enjoy the Ad Infinitum experience?  You would if you…..

  • Want to take some time on a regular basis to REFLECT and think about your life at college – your classes, study abroad, choosing a major, internships, relationships, leadership opportunities and spirituality. 
  • Want to live with your friends from freshman year but really want to MEET NEW PEOPLE during your sophomore year as well. 
  • Value REAL RELATIONSHIPS and want to develop trust with others by taking part in discussions, debates and other community activities.
  • Enjoyed attending Loyola events in your first year and want to take a more ACTIVE ROLE in planning events for your peers.

Are there requirements to live in the community?

Every residence hall community has a set of expectations outlined by Loyola’s Community Standards, the Resident Assistants and residents living in the area. Since students choose to join Ad Infinitum, we have additional expectations for living in this community.

  • Attend an Orientation meeting on April 2, 2014 from 8pm-9:30pm
  • Complete the StrengthsQuest online assessment by April 18, 2014.
  • Check e-mails throughout the summer to learn about upcoming events and starting to build relationships with each other.
  • Arrive back to Loyola on Saturday, August 30, 2014 between 11am-1pm to move in and attend an Ad Infinitum Community Retreat on Sunday, August 31 - Monday, September 1, 2014.
  • Plan 1-2 events during the year with a group of students from your floor.  These “Floor Fun Events” are your chance to be creative and plan an activity for your floor – the possibilities are endless!  You are also expected to participate in at least three peer led events each semester.
  • Attend regularly-scheduled Community Nights that address sophomore issues, reflection, and strengths development.
  • Attend the end of the year banquet, typically held on the last day of classes during the spring semester.

What do I have to do to apply?

  • Between February 3-10, 2014 complete Phase 1 of the Housing Selection process:  Intent.  (Information about this process will be sent by Student Life via e-mail.)
  • You may apply to Ad Infinitum in groups of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6.  Acceptance to the community will correspond to how you apply (eg. If you apply as a single person, you will be accepted as single person; if you apply as a full-room, you will be accepted as a full room).   Please note that all students who apply in a non-full room will receive suitemates. All beds in an apartment/suite will be filled by the Office of Student Life.
  • Apply online:  Click here.  Each person must fill out the online application.  If applying as part of a group, make sure you have the names of each person in your group as well as an agreed upon contact person for your group. 
    • This application will take the place of the online housing lottery roommate agreement process (Phase II).
    • Applications are due on Friday, February 14, 2014 at 5pm.
  • After you apply, you will be contacted by Hope Supernault in order to schedule a brief interview with current students and administrators associated with the current Ad Infinitum Community.  All members of your group should be available to attend the interview.  Interviews will take place on a rolling basis up until February 18, 2014.
  • Acceptance decisions will be sent after 3pm on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 via e-mail.
  • Accepted community members must confirm their place in the community by Friday, February 21, 2014.
  • An Open House will be held on the Ad Infinitum floor in Campion the week of February 24 (exact date/time TBA) for accepted members to view rooms and meet other accepted students in the hopes of forming complete roommate groups.
  • Final roommate pairings are due on Friday, February 28, 2014 by noon, and final room placements will be sent via e-mail shortly thereafter.

Interested in applying for Ad Infinitum? Click here