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Email Archiving for Outlook (Web Access)

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How do I know if an item has been archived?

Messages that are more than 60 days old will have a different icon associated with them:

Screenshot: Web Archived Email Example

Additionally, when you open message, you will see a notice that the message has been archived:

Screenshot: Web Archived Item Header

My message looks "funny." Why is that?

You may notice that some messages display differently than when you remember seeing them before they were archived.  This is because the message archived is translated into plain text for more efficient indexing on Loyola systems.  You can view the original message as it was sent to you by restoring it from the archive.  You can do this two ways:

  1. Click the notice located at the top of the message, indicating that it has been archived.
    Screenshot: Web Archived Item Header
  2. OR, highlight the message and click "Restore" on the navigation bar.
    Screenshot: Web Archive Toolbar

Can I search my archive online through web access?

Unfortunately, searching of the archive is only available through Outlook or Entourage, not online through web access.