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This summer Loyola will be updating all Apple devices with recent operating system, an encryption policy and Mac Enhancements that will allow end-users to install approved programs on their Apple device without administrator rights. This will allow us to better manage Apple devices within our network and will also provide increased security to Loyola devices. 


By encrypting our Apple devices we will meet the requirements of our Insurance policy as well as provide further protection of sensitive data if a Loyola device is taken. 


All Loyola community members that use a Loyola owned Apple device. 


List the timeframes? or by dept?

Mac Enhancements
Programs Impacted Users Impacted


What to do Now? 

Contact the Help Center at extension 5555 or via email OTS@Loyola.edu to schedule a time to have your computer upgraded. If you use an iMac you can schedule a time for a technician to come out to your office and install it. 

Look for Communication Email

Communications will be sent out to each department informing them of the upgrade to Mac Enhancements, this will provide instructions on getting updated and timeframes. 



Mac Ehancements FAQs

How do I log an issue?

If you experience any problems with the Mac Enhancements software you can contact the Help Center for support, the Help Center has administrator rights to your computer and can walk you through basic troubleshooting. You can call the Help Center at extension 5555 or email OTS@Loyola.edu or you can come in person to Knott Hall Room 107. 

How do I install software for my classroom?

This will not change the procedure for requesting software in classrooms, contact the Help Center, all requests most be entered by August 15th to ensure completion by the start of the school year. (IS THIS ACCURATE) 

Why do I have to Use Outlook for email?

Due to the recent upgrade to Two Factor Authentication third party email systems are no longer compatible, you can still use those programs for other email accounts however your Loyola email will no longer be supported through third party mail systems. For further information you can view the Technology Services Information Security Policy Document

Why are you encrypting drives?

In the case your device is stolen or lost the drive will maintain its encryption and secure your files, this also is in alignment with our Insurance policy that regulates we must have encryption on all Loyola owned computers. 

How will my operating system stay updated?

Updates to your Mac computer will be pushed out automatically but you will have the option of when to choose them as to not interfere with your work. These installs will help us maintain the integrity of our network. 

What support materials do you have for me?


  1. Lynda.com Playlist of Outlook trainings 
  2. Training Guides on Training Site
  3. Additional supported provided by request 


Additional Content: 

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Information Security Policy



If you have questions please contact the Help Center ext. 5555 or OTS@Loyola.edu for assistance!