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iGoForth: Contest Rules

Contest Timeline

The contest will run throughout the 2015-2016 academic year, beginning on April 7, 2015 and concluding on May 6, 2016.  Contest milestones are found on the contest website.

Characteristics of the App

  1. Easy to use
  2. Unique
  3. Should build community within Loyola
  4. Display strong branding for Loyola
  5. Should be engaging to the user, enough that they will return to it over and over. There should be a “stickiness” to it
  6. Universal appeal to students, faculty, staff

About the Teams

  1. Each team must have at least 3 members and is required to select a name for their team. It is recommended that team members have a diverse skill set such as marketing, project management, app developer and communications.
  2. Each team must assign a project manager from within the team.
  3. Each team will determine among themselves the breakdown of the prize money based upon each member’s contribution to the end result.
  4. Each team must select a 1st and 2nd choice app idea from the iGoForth Idea Gallery and work with the Idea Advocate (person that submitted the idea) when developing the concept and design of the new app.   If more than one team selects an idea, the Idea Advocate will decide which team will develop their idea based upon the best mobile app design presented.
  5. Each team will be expected to work with a faculty/administrator advisor.
  6. Each team will develop a Scope Statement and a Requirements document (templates provided) for their app by interviewing the Idea Advocate. Additional requirements may be added by the team if feasible.
  7. Each team will have their Scope Statement and Requirements document approved by their advisor before moving into the design phase.
  8. Each team is encouraged to develop a product roadmap for their app. This would include a longer term vision beyond the first development iteration so that subsequent student teams can continue to build features into the app.

Final app submissions

  1. Final app submissions must be a fully working app in order to be considered for prize awards.


Each team member must print out a copy of these rules and sign the agreement stating that Loyola will have the exclusive rights to further develop and use any app that is developed through this contest.

PDF Download Contest Rules & Agreement