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Are there any Online Training Materials available for Moodle 2? 

Yes, you can access information about Moodle 2 in:

Will I still have access to my previous classes? 

You will not lose them, but access may be suspended temporarily.

In order to move 3,500 courses from one system to another, it requires us to unplug all of the previous semesters courses and carry them over to Moodle 2. Summer and Fall courses are now in the process of being migrated and as soon as they have been fully completed, you will see them in your list of available courses.

For Spring 2013 Courses, because we want to allow you to be able to fully finish and grade your courses for Spring 13, we are waiting until the current semester is fully complete before migrating those courses onto the new site. On May 16, we will take the completed courses and migrate them to the Moodle 2 site. The process should take between 3-5 days to convert all of the Spring 2013 courses to Moodle 2. You should be re-enrolled in your Spring 2-13 course by May 26

Courses from semesters prior to Fall 2012 are archived and will still be available upon request. Courses will continue to Be archived​.

When should I expect to see my students enrolled in the class? 

  • For courses starting prior to May 28, enrollments will be available May 3.
  • For classes starting May 30, they will be available May 10.
  • For classes starting June 12 or later, May 21.​

In what browsers will Moodle work best? 

  • ​Firefox,
  • Safari,
  • Chrome, and
  • Internet Explorer 10

​Internet Explorer 9 and below can function with Moodle, but Drag-and-Drop functionality is not available.​

How do I export my Gradebook? 

See instructions for exporting your gradebook.​

When will my Fall 13 courses be available?

Fall 13 Courses for Faculty will be available the week of June 24, while students will be added the week of July 1.​

When can I expect my materials transitioned into my "provisioned" class? 

Between May 20-27.​

When will my Summer ‘13 Courses be available? 

If you are teaching a summer course with a start date prior to June 1, your course will be available to you by May 1. Summer courses beginning after June 1 will be available May 21.

How can I contact my students before that time? 

Faculty can contact students via Webadvisior’s email tool.  ​

When is Moodle 2 training going to be made available? 

Moodle 2 Training sessions are available now. Please visit the Training Center Calendar to register for a session.​

Why do students need to check their Spring 13 grades in the Moodle gradebook prior to May 19? 

For the aforementioned reasons. Access for students will be available again within 10-12 days following the changeover.​

How do I request for a previous course that has been archived? 

Contact ots@loyola.edu or call ext. 5555.​

How is it different than the last Moodle? 

Most of the core functionality that you used in the old version of Moodle is still very much available (Grade Books, Assignments, Discussion Forums, Quizzes) all remain, but have been given enhancements such as drag and drop, bulk upload of materials, Joule Grading, Virtual Classrooms and other Collaboration Tools to create more robust teaching options.​

Why is Moodle being upgraded?

The current version of Moodle 1.9 was originally conceived in 2006. Just to put that in perspective, in 2006, Facebook had just under 5 million users. (1.15 billion today). Youtube was not a Google product and no one knew what Twitter was. In order to keep pace with the changing technologies that we have grown accustomed to in our everyday lives, Moodle needs to continuously upgrade in order to keep pace with those changes.​