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iGoForth: Loyola’s Mobile App Incubator

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iGoForth is a program sponsored by technology services where students, faculty, or administrators can pitch ideas for Loyola mobile apps. Teams of students build the apps - an excellent learning experience and one which they can tout on their resumes! Successful apps can be submitted to the app store and one winning app will win a prize!

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2012-13 iGoForth Winners

First Place: CCSJ

And the winner is RAMM Squad with the CCSJ Site Navigator mobile app! This app provides information about community service opportunities, justice education, Service Learning and more, all in the palm of your hand, wherever you are. The incorporation of social media into the app makes it easy to "tell a friend" when you are signing up for a volunteer opportunity and you want your friends to join you.

The mobile app cleverly links to the CCSJ website for the most up to date events and service learning course information. Information that is critical to a successful experience for both the volunteer and the community partner are found within the app, as well as great advice. RAMM Squad had four team members: Megan Gansfuss, ’14, Amy Hartzog, '14, Megan Barrow, '14, Ruben Ferreira de Carvalho, '16. These ladies had quite a challenge because two of them were traveling abroad in New Zealand this semester, so they had to rely heavily on technology to collaborate on their project.

Second Place: Lab Assistant

In second place, is the Loyola Lab Assistant, developed by Team App-solutely. Ever head to a campus lab only to find out all computers are in use? This mobile apps guarantees you will never have that problem again! Just check this app to see what is available. If your favorite lab is full, use the built in directions to find other labs that have open computers. The team provided some great ideas for enhancements to this app, like submit a trouble ticket if a machine is broke and get campus printer info. The challenge this team had before they even got started was that there was no way to tell when a lab computer was actually being used. They put on their thinking caps and wrote a small program that now runs on all Loyola lab computers that tracks logins and logouts.

This software now gives the University information about the utilization of their computer labs! Team App-solutely had three members; Joe Archie, '13, Christopher Chomeau, '13, Aaron Perseghin, '13.

Download the Apps

Both apps are available for download (click on these links from your mobile device and they will automatically download):