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Email Encryption

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When an encrypted email is sent from a Loyola sender, the recipient will receive an email from the Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES). The email will inform the recipient they have received a secure message and will contain directions on how to get started if this is the first time they are receiving an encrypted email message from Loyola.
Please Note: Once the recipient has registered for the Cisco Registered Envelope Service he/she only needs to remember his/her password to log into the service to retrieve subsequent encrypted messages from Loyola senders. 

Receiving a New Encrypted Message

After clicking on view the recipient will be brought to the main CRES log in page. New users will be prompted to pick out their email address and click Open.


Login Screen

After clicking Open the recipient will be told that they are submitting information to an external page. They should click ‘OK.’

Click OK

The recipient will be told that they are not signed up for the service and need to click a link.

Not Registered Message

The recipient will then be brought to a page where they will need to sign up for CRES.

New User Registration

Once he/she has finished registering they will be told to go back to their mailbox to look for a confirmation email.

Account Activation

In their mailbox will be an email from CRES that will allow them to authenticate their email address. 

Activation Receipt

After clicking on the link to activate the account they will receive a message confirming that the process is done. 

Email Address Confirmation

After receiving the message that their email address has been confirmed they may go back to the original message and either open the attachment or save it. If they click to open or view the attachment they will be prompted to enter the password they created in setting up the CRES account. 

Login after Registration

After entering the password they will be able to read your encrypted message.

Successful Encrypted Message