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Loyola's three campuses offer a variety of high-tech technology enhanced classrooms, featuring DVD and audio systems, wireless remote controls, document cameras, ceiling projectors, and many other items of interest. To see specifically which classrooms on each campus contain various types of equipment, please visit the following:

Several classroom technology tutorials are also available:

Public Computer Laboratories

You should LOG-OFF of every Loyola computer lab or classroom machine before leaving. Failure to log-off gives the next user complete access to your network G: drive!

The Evergreen campus and both graduate centers have multiple computer labs, most of which are available 24-hours/7-days a week by Evergreen card access to students, faculty, administrators, and staff. All lab computers have access to the Internet and Microsoft Office.

Certain labs have been designated as teaching labs. They may not to be used regularly as classrooms but may be used for occasional hands-on demonstrations. Faculty may request up to eight lab periods per class section each semester; however, no lab may be reserved during the last two weeks of a semester. A lab reservation schedule is posted weekly at each lab to provide advanced notice for planning lab time.

Reservations for teaching labs on the Evergreen campus should be made by calling the OTS at ext. 5555. Reservations for graduate center labs should be made through the respective centers: Timonium, ext. 1903; Columbia, ext. 7600.

Computer Lab locations with Smart Print stations

Evergreen Campus

  • Evergreen Campus
  • Ahern Lab-10 PCs
  • Knott Hall 002-12 PCs
  • Knott hall 318-24 PCs
  • Aquinas 01-4 PCs
  • MD Hall 240-18 iMacs
  • MD Hall 443-30PCs
  • Beatty Hall 115-4 PCs
  • Beatty Hall 221-16 PCs
  • Newman 1st Flr.East-24 PCs
  • DS 121-24 PCs
  • DS 151b-6 PCs
  • DS257-4 PCs
  • Sellinger 1st Flr. Atrium-3 PCs
  • Jenkins Hall 300-30 PCs

Timonium Campus

  • Timonium 01
  • Timonium 78A
  • Timonium 37

Columbia Campus

  • GCCC109
  • GCCC110
  • CC271
  • CC 3rd Floor Lounge 

Getting Help Prior to Teaching in a Lab or Classroom

Please call the office of technology support at ext. 5555.

Getting Technology Help in the Classroom

Ext. 2255 is a dedicated line for classroom technology issues; ext. 5555 is the general number for technology assistance.

Requesting Software for Use in Classrooms/Labs

Complete an online request for software to be installed in a lab or classroom.

Multimedia Support

Please visit the FTC section for information on specific multimedia resources available in labs/classrooms.

Printing in a Lab

Send the print job to the printer as you normally would.

  • After sending the print job to the printer, you must use your Evergreen Card and swipe the card reader to release your print job to the printer.
  • Click Release
  • The document is now printing to the default lab printer.

Equipment Replacement in Labs and Classrooms

Equipment in computer labs is replaced every three years. Classroom computers are replaced every two years.

Conference Rooms

Certain conference areas across Loyola campuses are enhanced with technology for presentations and other business meeting functions. Contact event services, the facilities management office at each Loyola campus, or contact the Help Center for assistance.