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Picking the Right School for You

Once you have completed your research process and sent in your applications, the only thing to do next is wait!  Most schools will send you an electronic or written acceptance letter which will also include the next steps for confirming your attendance.

Proactive Decision Making

To help make your decision making process easier remember to:

  • Consider the criteria that is most important to you regarding a graduate program. Re-visit the admissions criteria comparison form from Step #3.
  • Attend open houses for each school you are applying to before you get accepted
  • Talk to current students

ACIP Method of Decision Making

In the Education Key (2009) by Lawrence Jones and Juliet Jones, the ACIP method is identified as a technique for making effective educational decisions, such as selecting a grad school.

  • Consider your ALTERNATIVES,
  • Identify the CONSEQUENCES of each,
  • Gather INFORMATION, and
  • PLAN how you will (a) put your decision in effect and (b) handle negative consequences if they occur.


Finally, be sure to check into the accreditation status of each graduate school AND program to which you are applying. You can find a list for accredited schools published by the U.S. Department of Education. Below is a list of major regional and national institutional accrediting agencies:

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