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Register for 'Exploring the Academic Writing Process'

“Exploring the Academic Writing Process” will help graduate students deepen their understanding of processes and strategies necessary for successful research-based, academic writing. This in-depth workshop aims to develop more confident and purposeful graduate writers by exploring techniques in time management, proposal development, source/data management, and the conventions of scholarly discourse. Participants will explore a host of resources that they can take with them for future use.

Register for 'Understanding The Literature Review'

A literature review is a vital part of any successful research project. This workshop will introduce key activities and exercises designed not only to aid in reviewing research articles, but also to help researchers develop new ideas and build arguments for further research.

Register for 'Advanced Time Management Techniques'

Twenty-first century graduate students are busy people with families, careers, and assistantships tugging on their time (not to mention a few thousand pages of reading!) Time management skills often play a huge role in reducing the stress and increasing the success of graduate student life. This workshop will introduce advanced time management activities and exercises designed not only to improve writing, but also to improve the overall quality of life for busy grad students.