Digital Communication in the Classroom

ET630 Digital Communication in the Classroom

This page is designed to point to some resources for students taking ET630 with Dr. Marcovitz in the Summer 2014 semester. Click on any of the pointers below to find the information you need. While I will try to maintain this site with up-to-date information, you must attend class to get final versions of any assignments. If there is a conflict between any information given in class and any information on this site, the information given in class should be considered accurate. (If you have stumbled upon this site before the start of the semester, you may use this as a guide for the kinds of assignments that will be required for the class and the kinds of topics that will be covered. However, everything is subject to change before the semester starts.)


Course Requirements

Class Agendas

Computer Lab Access

Things You Already Know

Web Page Creation

Telecollaborative Project Sources

Miscellaneous Resources

Web Page Creation Advanced Resources

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


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