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Issue 10, April 2013

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A professionally produced video features Chris Hanley and Dawntria Hudnall, alumni of our graduate programs, describing what they do at work (Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute and UPS, respectively) and how Loyola's programs have had an impact. Well worth five minutes of your time!Jobs Board for Students and Alumni

The Department of Computer Science now maintains a list of jobs and internships at all levels, from undergraduate and graduate internships through career advancement opportunities for experienced software professionals. While it will eventually be database based and require a password, it is currently a web page (not currently linked to other pages) at this address:


The listing supplements the more general list provided by the Career Center.

Check our page frequently for the most recent opportunities. If you have direct career opportunities, please send your post to Lewis Berman, liberman@loyola.edu.

Faculty Notes

Dr. Raunak has had a paper published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, considered to be the top journal in Software Engineering. Paper information: Resource Management for Complex and Dynamic Environments, by Mohammad S. Raunak and Leon J. Osterweil. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), vol. 39, issue 3, March 2013.

Drs. Binkley and Lawrie co-led the Workshop on The Next Five Years of Text Analysis in Software Maintenance at the International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2012). Recent graduate Christopher Uehlinger, with Drs. Binkley and Lawrie, presented an Early Research Achievement paper entitled "Vocabulary Normalization Improves IR-Based Concept Location."

Dr. Olsen published the following paper: Mark E. Laidre, Alex Lamb, Susanne Shultz, Megan Olsen, Making sense of information in noisy networks: Human communication, gossip, and distortion, Journal of Theoretical Biology (2012), 10.1016/j.jtbi.2012.09.009. The Journal (abbreviated J Theo Bio) is one of the top publications in Biology.

Articles of Interest

From the BBC: risk of robot uprising to be studied!

From the NY Times: how to devise passwords that drive hackers away.

A relatively new C standard, C11, is aimed at safer programming. It incorporates anonymous unions and other features. The standard is formally known as ISO/IEC 9899:2011.


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