Minor in Urban Education

The School of Education offers a Minor in Urban Education designed to give students an overview of the complexities of urban education, historically, socially, politically, economically, and culturally, in the United States. Students will be required to take at least three of the five courses in the School of Education. This program of study allows students to begin considering the unique challenges faced by students and educators in, and the communities surrounding, urban schools. While there is an emphasis on the social, political, and historical impacts on educational systems in large cities in the US, there is also study of instructional issues especially pertinent to urban schooling. The Minor in Urban Education consists of five courses, one required and four electives from a variety of departments across campus.

Program of Study

The minor in Urban Education is 15 credit program.

Required (3 credits)
ED 100 Introduction to Education or
ED 101
Introduction to Urban Education

Educational Core (6 credits)
ED 340 Seminar on Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 
ED 378 Politics of Urban School Reform 
ED 344 Race, Class, and Gender in Education
ED 441 Special Topics in Education 
ED 464 Qualitative Approaches to Urban Education
ED 466 Language, Culture and Literacy

Electives (6 credits)
EC 345 Economic Problems of Cities prerequisite EC 102
SC 365 Neighborhood and Community in Urban America prerequisite SC 101 or SC 102
SC 420 Social Capital and the Social Construction of Opportunity prerequisite SC 101 or SC 102
SC 424 Seminar: Privilege and Inequality in Education prerequisite SC 101 or SC 102
HS 308 White Man’s Burden: Colonial and Historical Origins of Racism prerequisite one 100 level history course
HS 349 Baltimore: Its History and Architecture prerequisite one 100 level history course
HS 351 American Urban Culture: A Tale of Four Cities prerequisite one 100 level history course
PY 253 Multicultural Issues in Psychology prerequisite PY 101
PY 420 Introduction to Black Psychology
LW 103 Law and the City: Planning, Politics, and Justice
SP 312 312 Cultural Diversity in Communication

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Camika Royal
Assistant Professor, Urban Education