Courses for Italian Studies Minor




Courses currently accepted courses for the Italian Studies Minor, listed by site and by DEPARTMENT:

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Loyola College of Arts and Sciences:
    Classics; Communication; English; Fine ArtsHistory; Modern Languages and Literatures; Political Science; Psychology; Speech-Language Pathology; Writing
Sellinger School of Business
Rome, Loyola University Study Abroad  Program

Loyola University, College of Arts and Sciences, on the Evergreen Campus


CL/EN 211 Classical Mythology

CL/EN 218 The “Golden Age” of Rome

CL/HS 300 Death of the Roman Republic

CL/HS 301 The Church and the Roman Empire

CL 302 City of Rome

CL 309 Art of Ancient Rome

CL/HS 314 History of Roman Empire

CL/HS 334 Roman Private Life

CL/HS 337 The Multicultural Roman Empire (D)

CL 350 Introduction to European Culture

CL 421 Caesar and Augustus

LT 308 Vergil’s Aeneid

LT 311 Cicero

LT 315 Tacitus & Suetonius

LT 320 Livy

LT 330 Roman Historians

LT 333 Sallust

LT 334 Roman Lyric

LT 340 Roman Comedy

LT 344 Horace

LT 355 Petronius & Apuleius

LT 356 Apuleius

LT 374 Roman Satire

LT 380 Ovid

LT 386 Ovid’s Metamorphoses



+CM 315 Travel Writing



EN/CL 211 & 218 See Classics, above

+EN 312 Seminar in Shakespeare

+EN 313 Renaissance Literature

+EN 317 Seminar in Renaissance Literature


AH 309/CL 309 Classical Art: Greek and Roman

AH 312 The Renaissance in Italy

AH 314 Art of Baroque Europe

AH 322 Michelangelo

+MU 309 Opera and Theater



HS/CL 300-335 See above under Classics

HS 317 Making of Modern Italy

HS 418 Mussolini and Italian Fascism



IT 201 Conversation and Composition

IT 202 The Living Language: The Italian-American Experience (D)

IT 205 Italian for Business

IT 301 Italian Literature and Civilization I: Origins to Reformation

IT 302 Italian Literature and Civilization II: Romanticism

IT 303 Italian Literature and Civilization III: Realism and its Derivatives

IT 304 Italian Literature and Civilization IV: Contemporary Italy

IT 352 Dante’s Divine Comedy

IT 333 Lyric, Epic and Scientific: Survey of Italian Renaissance Literature

ML 251 Introduction to Medieval Italian Literature: The Three Crowns

ML 325 Topics in Italian Literature in English Translation

ML 332 Dante’s Divine Comedy (in English Translation)

ML333 Witches, Giants, & Tyrants, Oh My!: Introduction to Italian Renaissance Literature

ML 302 Italian Romanticism and Western Literary Tradition

+ML 303 Privilege and Prejudice in Modern Europe

+ML 307 Topics in Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies



PL 364 Renaissance Philosophy



+PS 350 Introduction to Comparative Politics

+PS 365 International Politics

+PS 366 International Political Economy I

+PS 373 International Political Economy II (D)



+PY 201 Social Psychology

+PY 253 Multicultural Issues in Psychology (D)



+SP 303.01 Sociolinguistics



TH 204 The History and Theology of the Papacy

TH 205 Christian Rome: Understanding Jesus Christ in Rome



+WR  355 Travel Writing



+EC 440 International Financial Economics

+EC 446 International Trade

+IB 282 International Business

+IB 415 International Management

+IB 482 Global Strategy

+IB 499 International Business Internship

+LW 410 International Business Law

+ MK 348 International Marketing (includes a trip to Rome)


In Rome, already in the Loyola College Catalogue:

CL 302 The City of Rome

CL 309/AH 309 (one section) Art of Ancient Rome

HS 321 Topics in Italian History

IT 212 Italian Language and Culture II: Rome

IT 213 Italian Language and Culture III: Rome

IT 214 Oral Proficiency in Rome

IT 321 Italy Today

ML 325 Topics in Italian Literature in English Translation

TH 205 Christian Rome: Understanding Jesus Christ in Rome

TH 223 The History and Theology of the Papacy


TRS 345   Liturgical Art and Architecture in Rome (Fall 2010, CUA)



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