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Alumna offers tips for the best chocolate chip cookies

Sally McKenney, '02, Owner of Sally's Baking Recipes
Close up photo of a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough on a wooden spoon

Baker, blogger, cookbook author, and food photographer Sally McKenney, '07, has helped millions gain the knowledge and confidence to bake from scratch. In 2011, she started a blog to share recipes among friends and family. Since then, she has used her advertising, public relations, and marketing background from Loyola to help spread her baking addiction. She has three published cookbooks; has had recipes featured in People magazine and on Good Morning America, BuzzFeed, and HuffPost; and she has gained tens of thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram. Read Sally’s tips and tricks on how to make the best chocolate chip cookie!


Melted Butter

Use melted butter instead of cold butter. The butter will seep into the dough and spread more evenly. This will enhance the buttery flavor of the cookie.


Some Brown Sugar

Make a mix of brown sugar and white sugar. Brown sugar adds moisture that makes the cookie soft and chewy. White granulated sugar helps the cookies spread.


Extra Egg Yolk

Add an extra egg yolk to the mix. This will add moisture to the dough to make it chewy.


Corn Starch

Add in a pinch of corn starch, 2 teaspoons is all you need. It is a thickening agent that will help keep the cookie soft.


Just Baking Soda

Don’t worry about baking powder. Just add baking soda. It will be just the right ingredient to make your cookies rise.


Make sure to chill

Even though it will make you wait for those delicious cookies, chilling the dough will make the cookie spread less and give the dough a chance to meld all the flavors together before baking.