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A Welcome from Loyola's New President
The Sawyer family pose for a photo with their two dogs sitting on the stairs outside their home
Terry and Courtney Sawyer at home with Ethan (left) and Ryan (right), two of their three sons, and dogs, Annie and Clementine. Photo credits: Ryan Donnell

Last spring, during my first semester as president of Loyola, my wife, Courtney, and I had the pleasure of hosting members of the senior class for dinner at Armiger House. As we welcomed each group to the president’s house for the evening, they would share stories of their time at Loyola, pose for selfies, and ask me questions about decisions being made at the University.

My favorite part of the evening was asking them to tell me about a faculty member who had an impact on them or taught a class they would recommend to a younger student. They described the faculty who have challenged and inspired them, awakened intellectual interests they had never considered, and brought out the best in them.

The stories our students share echo the stories I hear from their parents and those our alumni tell me as I travel throughout and beyond Baltimore. Members of our community are eager to reflect on all that Loyola has meant to them through the years.

That’s why we are thrilled to re-introduce a treasured publication that captures some of these stories—Loyola magazine. On these pages, we hope to bring to life accounts of how friendships are created here; the scholarly research and accomplishments of our faculty; how students grow in mind, body, and spirit, thanks to our dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators; and how leaders graduate prepared to make a difference in our world. We have an extraordinary network of alumni to celebrate and many stories to share throughout the Greyhound Nation.

I hope this redesigned Loyola magazine offers you the opportunity to see how the Jesuit tradition you know so well is alive and thriving at Loyola, while you reminisce about your time here. And I invite you to make a trip back to the Evergreen campus sometime soon, so you can walk across the Quad, catch a breeze on the Humanities porch, or pause for a moment in Alumni Memorial Chapel.

I look forward to welcoming you home to Loyola.

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Terrence M. Sawyer, J.D., President