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Meet Michael Puma, Loyola’s Dean of Undergraduate Studies

For 20 years, Mike Puma has been working to ensure and enhance the success of all students
Loyola is its people.
Portrait photo of Michael Puma
Photo by Christopher Myers

For the Students: Meet the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

As dean of undergraduate studies, Michael Puma works to develop programs and practices that enhance the academic success of all students. He has been deeply committed to supporting Loyola students since joining the campus community in 2002, first in student life and now in his current position, which he has held for the last year.

The Beginnings of Messina

Puma was the lead in implementing Messina, the University’s distinctive first-year living and learning program, which he directed for 11 years. “As Loyola has continued to diversify, it is important for our faculty and colleagues across campus to work together to support students in a unifying manner. Messina allows us to meet and walk with our students through their first year of college.”

Along for the Journey

Puma’s favorite part of his job is being able to work directly with students and see not only their academic success, but their whole journey at Loyola—from incoming first-year students to seniors who are ready to launch.

“It is inspiring being able to work with students and their faculty, so they can reach their goals inside and outside of the classroom.”

Looking Forward

Puma continues to look to create more opportunities for students and enhance the learning experience across campus. “I have had a lot of opportunities this year to work with people and departments across campus, to think about our policies to make them more inclusive for students. Our goal is to make sure that we remove barriers when we can and ensure that every student is set up to understand where their resources are.”


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