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Meet Diane Parker, cashier for Boulder Garden Café

Notable Faces of Loyola
I love that Loyola is like a family away from home. People here care about the well-being of the staff and students.
Diane Parker poses for a photo while wearing her Loyola Dining uniform
Photo credit: Christopher Myers.

Just Call Her Ms. Diane

Diane Parker’s unwavering warmth and beaming smile are as much a part of the Loyola dining experience as breakfast sandwiches and hot coffee. Ms. Diane, as everyone calls her, works as a cashier for Parkhurst Dining, where she has been managing the cash registers, stocking items, and greeting and helping guests at Boulder Café for 19 years.

Unsung Hero

Parker describes herself as very shy, even though she may not come across that way. One of her more cherished memories from her time at the University is when she was recognized as Loyola’s Unsung Hero by the student body. “I’ve always felt appreciated, but I wasn’t expecting that award.”

Opportunities du Jour

“A new day means new opportunities,” says Parker, an eternal optimist. “Not only do I look forward to coming to work every day, but I also know it’s a blessing to still be able to do so at 68 years old.”

Sunny Side Up

Parker’s favorite Boulder Café offering is a breakfast sandwich made by her co-worker, Eric.

Rave Reviews

The best thing about Loyola students, Parker says, is that they are hardworking and respectful. “It gives me hope about where our future is going and who our leaders will be.” The greatest challenge—and joy—of her job is when her favorite students graduate. “I hate to see them go, but I love to watch them accomplish their goals and obtain their degrees.”


Family trips, cookouts, her family's annual brunch, and her monthly night out with long-time (60+ years!) girlfriends.