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Five tips to start your wellness journey

Sandra Gallagher-Mohler, ’03, Mind Body Performance Coach
Sandra Gallagher-Mohler kneels down to tie her shoe during a run with the sun setting in the background

A mind body performance coach, Sandra Gallagher-Mohler, ’03, fuses strength training, nutrition coaching, run training, performance reiki, and mental strength training through her company, 15° Mind Body Performance Coaching, to cultivate custom training plans for athletes to help them feel and perform at their best.

Coach S, who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Loyola, shares tips on starting—or restarting—your own wellness journey.


Start Small to Grow Big

Beginners tend to inadvertently set themselves up for failure by starting out too big. Build upon your goals.


Don’t Go It Alone

It can be daunting starting your wellness journey alone, so make sure you have someone to encourage you and offer feedback. It could be as simple as going on a daily walk with a friend to keep you committed to your goal.


Listen to Your Body and Mind

Illness, fatigue, and injury will show up if your body thinks you aren’t listening to it. Setting aside time for your mind and body to wind down each day will create space for listening—and your body will tell you in gentler ways than injury what you need.


Balance is Everything

Your plan should not only fit your needs and aspirations; it should be realistic. Give yourself flexibility and acknowledge where the gains are coming from.


Don’t Miss Twice.

Setbacks happen. Your wellness journey doesn’t have to be done or over if life gets in the way. As long as you remain committed to your goal and refine your plans, you can keep going.

As every beginner starts their journey, it is important to know what you stand for in the sense that you understand yourself, your wants, and your goals—and make the commitment to achieve them.