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Loyola faculty share brief insights into their areas of expertise

As scholars and experts, Loyola faculty often speak on a wide range of topics, inspiring deeper contemplation and action to improve ourselves and our communities

JP Krahel portrait photo

Paying off debt should be people’s first priority [in early 2023] because whatever happens, good times and bad, the less that’s sitting on your back from the past, the more you can look forward to the future.

JP Krahel, Ph.D., professor of accounting, speaking to WMAR-2 News

Kristina Collins portrait photo

We need vocabulary words to talk about and process feelings and emotions, and even to interact with one another, now that we're out and about and we're with people again.

Kristina Collins, division clinical instructor and director of literacy for the Loyola Clinical Centers, quoted by WYPR on how younger children benefit from books with visuals that focus on social-emotional learning

The competition between restaurants makes it very, very hard to voluntarily raise wages, because that might mean pushing up prices a little bit, and in a competitive industry people are just going to eat elsewhere.

Jeremy Schwartz, Ph.D., professor of economics, interviewed by the Baltimore Sun

Megan Olsen portrait photo

The first question in development now should be ‘Should I make this?’ before we ask, ‘How do I make this?’

Megan Olsen, Ph.D., professor and chair of computer science, featured in Tech Guide

Amy Wolfson portrait photo

We're actually asking teenagers to do something like, take calculus at 7:35 in the morning when we, as adults would never, could never do our best at any job at that hour.

Amy Wolfson, Ph.D., professor of psychology, speaking to WYPR News

Matt Beverlin portrait photo

[The expungement clinic] is a way for our students to interact with members of the community in a beneficial way. Many want to be attorneys, or they are exploring being attorneys, so it is a chance for them to sit with that idea for a day at least and see what kind of good you can do as a lawyer.

Matt Beverlin, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of political science, interviewed by the Daily Record