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Jeremy Schwartz

Chair of Economics, Professor of Economics
Jeremy Schwartz

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Research Areas

Primary: Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Time Series Econometrics
Secondary: Applied Microeconomics, Urban and Regional Economics

Academic Degrees

Ph D, George Washington University
MA, George Washington University
BS, Boston College

Representative Publications

Richmond, K., & Schwartz, J. (2023). Gender and the Release from Jail: Predicting the Likelihood of a Probation Violation versus a New Offense. Corrections, 1-16.

Coyle, S, and S. Keehan, and J.S. Schwartz (2023). Obesity and Food Access: Do Consumer Preferences Matter? American Economist.

Samuel, A., and J.S Schwartz, and K. Tan (2023).Going Underground: The impact of deterrence on the landlords' decision to operate informally. Applied Economics.

Samuel, A., J.S. Schwartz, and K. Tan (2020). Licensing and the Informal Sector in Rental Housing Markets: Theory and Evidence. Contemporary Economic Policy.

Schwartz, J. (2019). Job Competition, Human Capital, and the Lock-in Effect: Can Unemployment Insurance Efficiently Allocate Human Capital. B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics. 20(1).

Samuel, A. and J.S. Schwartz (2019), Product market competition's effect on earnings management when audit quality is endogenous: Theory and Evidence.  Review of Law and Economics.

Schwartz, J.S. (2019), The Job Search Intensity Supply Curve: How Labor Market Conditions Affect Job Search Effort? Eastern Economic Journal. 45, 269 – 300.

Burger, J.D. and Schwartz, J.S. (2017), Jobless Recoveries: Stagnation or Structural Change? Economic Inquiry, 56(2), 709 723

Mendez, F, Reber, J. and Schwartz, J.S. (2016) A New Approach to the Study of Jobless Recoveries. Southern Economics Journal, 83(2), 573-589

Schwartz, J.S. (2015), Optimal Unemployment Insurance when Search Takes Effort and Money. Labour Economics. 36: 1 17

Burger, J. D. and Schwartz, J. S. (2014), Productive Recessions and Jobless Recoveries. Contemporary Economic Policy. 330(4): 636 648

Evans Jr, L., & Schwartz, J. (2014). The effect of concentration and regulation on audit fees: An application of panel data techniques. Journal of Empirical Finance, 27, 130-144

Schwartz, J. (2012). Unemployment Insurance and the Business Cycle: What Adjustments are Needed? Southern Economic Journal, 79:680 - 702

Scott, C. and Schwartz, J. (2012). Using a Business Strategy Simulation in a Managerial Economics Course. In Morgan, R., Dixson, M., & Olivares, K. (Eds.)., Quick Hits: Teaching with Technology. Bloomington, IN: IU Press

Schwartz, J. (2011). Do temporary extensions to unemployment insurance benefits matter? The effects of the US standby extended benefit program Applied Economics, (December), 37-41

Schwartz, J. (2011). Labor market dynamics over the business cycle: evidence from Markov switching models Empirical Economics, (410), 1–19

Andrew Samuel and Jeremy Schwartz, The economic case for towing kickbacks, The Baltimore Sun, 2011.

Jeremy Schwartz and Lawrance Evans, On the Impact of Concentration in the Market for Audit Services: Evidence using the Workhorse Audit Fee Model and Panel Data Techniques.

Jeremy Schwartz, Industry and Labor Institution Rents' Impact on the Wage Structure and Unemployment from 1992 - 2005.

Jeremy Schwartz, Do Temporary Extensions to Unemployment Insurance Benefits Alter Search Behavior? The Effects of the Standby Extended Benefit Program in the United States.

Jeremy Schwartz, A New Approach to Triggering the U.S. Standby Extended Unemployment Insurance Benefit Program: Identifying and Forecasting Poor Labor Market Conditions with Markov Switching Models.

Jeremy Schwartz, Unemployment Insurance and the Business Cycle: What Adjustments are Needed?.

Jeremy Schwartz and Frederick Joutz, Income Inequality, Trade, Capital and Education: A Long Run Relationship.

Jeremy Schwartz, Labor Market Dynamics through the Business Cycle: Evidence from Markov Switching Models.

Jeremy Schwartz, Do Temporary Extensions to Unemployment Insurance Benefits Alter Search Behavior? The Effects of the Standby Extended Benefit Program in the United States.

Awards and Honors

Excellence in Transformative Teaching, Loyola University Maryland 2022
Chair’s Award for Teaching, Loyola University Maryland
Impact Faculty Fellow, Loyola University Maryland 2021 2019 - 2022
Chair’s Award for Research, Loyola University Maryland 2019
Co-PI for Major Instrument Grant, National Science Foundation 2016
Kendrick Prize, George Washington University, 2009. 
Graduate Assistantship, George Washington University, 2004 - 2008.
John Kendrick Fellowship, George Washington University, 2004 - 2007.
Results through Teamwork Award, Government Accountability Office, 2007. 
Stephen Shea Award, Boston College, 2000.

Professional Memberships

American Economics Association
Golden Key Honor Society
Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
Omicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society

Current Projects

Disparate Treatment of Parolees in Central Pennsylvania (with Kerry Richmond)
Inequity in Equities:
What explains the black-white gap in equity market participation? (with John Burger)
Discrimination in the Wealth Management Industry: An Audit Study