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Alumni Network

Graduating from the Sellinger School of Business and Management places you among a vast and influential alumni network connecting you to thousands of fellow graduates at companies and organizations in our region and around the world. You’ll find the name Sellinger opens doors you never knew existed. It’s because the people who have been through our program—more than 20,000 of them—know the caliber of leader who comes out of it—knowledgeable, skilled, ethical, and adaptable.

Alumni Association

Loyola alumni receive a lifetime membership to the Alumni Association upon graduation. Membership in the Alumni Association provides a number of benefits including: Online Network of Alumni, Career Services and Education, Campus Resources, Financial and Consumer Services, and Travel Programs.

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Sellinger Graduate Mentor Program

The Loyola Alumni Association sponsors this unique experience that provides Sellinger graduate students and alumni with one-on-one connection that contributes to the integrity, strength, and success of the personal and professional development of a Protégé. The program is extremely flexible, as the Mentor and Protégé determine the frequency and type of contact (via phone, in person, Skype) that best suits their needs. During the matching process, each applicant's unique responses are carefully evaluated to facilitate a match we believe will be mutually successful.

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