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Advanced Leadership Development Program

The Advanced Leadership Development Program is for professionals who aspire to positions of greater responsibility, accountability and organizational impact. Participants will enhance their leadership potential as they acquire skills to learn about themselves and how to positively influence others while solving problems, leading change, and maximizing their overall organizational effectiveness. This is a 5 module program that can be delivered in its entirety or selectively:

  1. Leadership Foundations:What leaders need to Be, Know and Do
  2. Self Awareness: Developing self, others and your personal leadership style
  3. High Quality Relationships: Building collaborative and supportive relationships with employees and teams
  4. Team Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Lead problem-solving and decision-making teams
  5. Transformative Change: Inspiring vision and organizational growth

The Loyola Difference

The Advanced Leadership Development Program encourages learning within an action oriented environment where personal values are emphasized and ethical approaches to leadership and business decisions are key. Participants’ leadership skills will be developed in the distinct Loyola tradition: reflecting on personal experiences, discerning individual competencies, leading through inspiration, and focusing on action, so that participants develop a personal leadership philosophy, style and methodology.  



Please contact us at if you are interested in participating in a future program.


The Advanced Leadership Program will provide participants with the knowledge, tools and confidence to improve their daily leadership effectiveness while preparing them for advanced opportunities. 

Specific Behavioral Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate personal leadership tenets and skills
  • Create self-confidence through empowerment
  • Compare personal leadership skills against those of proven leaders
  • Analyze leadership situations and assess outcome effectiveness
  • Evaluate trust requirements in relationship building and networking  
  • Demonstrate leadership and “followership” through practical exercises
  • Develop coaching, counseling and mentoring skills
  • Execute structured, ethical decision making and problem solving
  • Facilitate dynamic teams
  • Demonstrate competency in confronting and dealing with conflicts
  • Critique team dysfunctions and organize effective remediation plans
  • Develop a comprehensive “change management” plan

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Loyola University Maryland awards 40 hours of professional development credits for the Advanced Leadership Development Program and 4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). A CEU is not equivalent to a graduate or undergraduate course; however it is evidence of professional study as recognized by Loyola University Maryland.


Michael J. Liebman

Michael J. Liebman received a Management degree from the University of Baltimore and an Applied Behavioral Science, Master of Science degree from The Johns Hopkins University. He worked as a process re-engineering consultant and business manager for 10 years in financial, insurance, and university settings then went on to build a successful consulting practice specializing in leadership development, organizational change and incentive programs for both the public and private sectors. His leadership in employee incentives and Gainsharing has been recognized by The Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Ford Foundation. Mr. Liebman has trained over 19,000 employees and future business leaders. He is an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University Maryland and is Myers-Briggs qualified.

William “Randy” Everett

Colonel (Ret) William “Randy” Everett received his BA degree from Regents College of New York and a Masters of Arts in International Security and Civil-Military Relations from the Naval Post-Graduate School. He is currently employed by the DOD at the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) and has extensive experience as a civil military consultant with subject matter expertise in leadership training, international relations, civil military cooperation experience, operational planning. He has developed and supported the execution of strategic plans and associated leadership training for organizations at both the academic and operational levels. Col (Ret) Everett is a former Affiliate Instructor at Loyola University Maryland where he taught International Business, Strategic Business Policy and Principles of Leadership.

Great format, presentation of concepts, and plenty of group discussion. The leadership seminar provides real techniques and tools that can be applied to daily challenges.
I appreciated the immediate and continued team interaction. The course presented subjects and case studies that I recommend for self-awareness and leadership training.
The strategic planning seminar was thoughtfully crafted and executed exploration into the topic at hand. The instructor used a creative approach and extensive experience to deliver on the goals of the class.