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Non-Degree Students

Non-degree students are those who have at least a bachelor's degree and wish to enroll in graduate courses without pursuing a graduate degree or certificate at Loyola. Applicants may take no more than eleven credits as non-degree students. Non-degree students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Students not enrolled in a course for more than three consecutive semesters will need to reapply to the program of interest. Individuals who wish to continue beyond the eleven credit non-degree limit must formally apply for admission to a degree, post-baccalaureate, or postmaster's program. Students may not continue to enroll beyond the eleven credits until they have been admitted into the degree program of choice. To avoid program interruption, students should apply after their third course, otherwise there may be a break or semester lost in the continuity of the program. Courses that are 10 years or older cannot be transferred to fulfill degree requirements. 

Non-Degree Admission

Not all programs offer the non-degree option. Applicants must consult individual departments for courses available to non-degree students and to ensure that they meet eligibility requirements. To become a non-degree student, an individual must submit an application, the application fee, official transcripts which verify receipt of college/graduate degree(s), and if applicable, meet departmental graduate admission standards.

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