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Information Systems, Law and Operations

The Department of Information Systems, Law and Operations is a multi-disciplinary department in the Sellinger School of Business and Management that includes the Information Systems concentration for both the BBA and MBA. Information Systems enables students with business and technical knowledge to strategically utilize digital technologies and improve decision making. In addition, the department teaches courses in the MS in Data Science focusing on analytics, business intelligence and data mining. As part of both the undergraduate BBA and graduate MBA programs, students can earn a prestigious BI Certificate from SAS, Inc. A minor in Information Systems is available to all undergraduate students.

Law faculty prepare undergraduate and graduate students to become leaders and managers who understand legal and ethical rules that will guide their behavior. Innovative courses explore justice-focused issues, legal environments for business, and diversity. Some courses meet the University's undergraduate diversity course requirement. Known for innovative teaching, research, and discourse on justice, Law faculty attract undergraduate students exploring the possibility of attending law school. Students interested in informal pre-law advising are invited to contact the Department.

Operations faculty focus on planning and processes involved in value creation for both product and service firms with goals of efficiency, effectiveness and value. This involves appropriate application of technology, critical thinking, and quantitative methods for analysis, communication, and decision making in areas such as logistics and supply chain. Topics include process mapping, value stream mapping, quality management, lean philosophy, continuous process improvement, inventory control, waiting line management, and capacity management.

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Paul Tallon, PhD
Department Chair, Information Systems, Law and Operations
Professor of Information Systems, Law and Operations
Sellinger Hall 325

Alexander Hosseini
Program Assistant
Sellinger Hall 318

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