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Executive Education FAQ

What Executive Education programs are available and who are they for?

Loyola's Executive Education department is housed under the Sellinger School of Business and Management and provides professional development for individuals and organizations. There are three ways to participate:

1. Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP): An intensive program for midlevel professionals over five, full-day modules. The program is designed to develop high-potential managers and prepare them for C—Level responsibility. The classroom experience includes practical application problem-solving with a real-world focus.

2. Leadership Essentials: A leadership development program for emerging leaders with increasing responsibilities. This program combines skill-building, personalized coaching and community service through a six-month continuing education experience.

3. Mini MBA Workshops: This program offers a menu of partial-day seminars on functional area topics including team leadership, finance, accounting, marketing, cyber security, economics, project management, data management and database systems. These topics are designed to increase business acumen for both emerging and experienced leaders who want to enhance their professional development.

For more information or to identify the right program to meet your needs, contact Scott Moores, Director of Executive Education at 410-617-2303 or

Is Executive Education a degree program?

No, Executive Education is not a degree program.  Participants who complete an Executive Education seminar workshop will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of their program.

How does Executive Education differ from Loyola MBA programs?

Loyola’s MBA programs typically involve a series of integrated for-credit courses that result in an MBA degree. Students focus on the study of organizations and the theories and concepts that drive modern business practices. Executive Education programs, in contrast, consists of seminar workshops in which participants develop key tools that they can put into practice in their own organizations. The goal of each program is to improve job performance and enhance the participant’s immediate potential and professional network.

How much does the Advanced Leadership Development Program cost, and what is included?

The $4,975 fee includes tuition, assessment, course materials, continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments and parking. Lodging, transportation and dinner are not included.

Professional leadership coaching is offered optionally to reinforce the program and accelerate individual and team growth.

Is special volume pricing available for the Advanced Leadership Development Program?

Yes. Loyola’s Executive Education Program offers special volume pricing for companies that send multiple participants to the Advanced Leadership Development Program and for early bird registration. 

Great format, presentation of concepts, and plenty of group discussion. The leadership seminar provides real techniques and tools that can be applied to daily challenges.
I appreciated the immediate and continued team interaction. The course presented subjects and case studies that I recommend for self-awareness and leadership training.
The strategic planning seminar was thoughtfully crafted and executed exploration into the topic at hand. The instructor used a creative approach and extensive experience to deliver on the goals of the class.