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Data Science

Data Science Minor

Data Science is a growing field that blends computer science, statistics, and information systems with domain knowledge to extract knowledge from data to solve real problems. As such, the minor provides foundational skills in statistical analysis, programming, and business. Students gain analytic knowledge that will augment their skills in their chosen major. People with data science skills are in high demand and the demand promises to continue. 

Truly interdisciplinary, the program consists of six courses providing students with an introduction to the analytical, and computational skills useful within the domain of data science. 

Requirements for the Minor

  • CS 151 - Computer Science through Programming
  • DS 303 - Discovering Information in Data or IS 251 - Data Analytics and Information Systems
  • IS 358 - Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  • ST 210 - Introduction to Statistics or ST 265 - Biostatistics or EC 220 - Business Statistics
  • ST 310 - Statistical Computing


Choose one course from the following:

  • CS 485 - Database Management Systems
  • IS 311 - Enterprise Systems
  • IS 353 - Data Management and Database Systems
  • MA 485 - Stochastic Processes
  • ST 465 - Experimental Research Methods
  • ST 472 - Applied Multivariate Analysis
  • A course from the electives listed for the minor.

For course descriptions, please see the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.


Up to three courses may be double counted between the Data Science minor and another major or minor.
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