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Data Science in Everyday Life - Networking and Panel Event

Explore data science from a variety of perspectives across industry and government—how data science is applicable in everyday life, how AI is being used across the world, and other data science trends.

Loyola’s Data Science Program Drives Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer just the stuff of dystopian sci-fi novels—it’s a vital aspect of business technology throughout every industry. It may not look like the exotic future we pictured, and in fact, sometimes we barely notice its...

Successful Data Science: Teams, Tools, Techniques - Networking and Panel Event

Join Loyola University Maryland on Tuesday, Feb. 18 from 6-8:30 p.m. for Successful Data Science: Teams, Tools, Techniques, a networking and panel discussion event. The night begins with networking at 6 p.m. and culminates at 7 p.m. in the form of...

How Data Science is Used to Target the Right Audiences

Before mass communications data was readily available, communicators and advertisers had to take a shotgun approach – spread your message far enough, wide enough, and loud enough, and eventually it’ll reach some of the people that you intended. But...

Best Way to Aquire Data Science Skills

Think a career in data science is right for you? Here are four steps to acquiring the skills you’ll need to land your first job in this high-demand field.

What is Data Science?

Big Data. Data Analytics. Data Science. You’ve probably heard the terms before and are wondering: What is data science? What is a data scientist? What does a data scientist do, and how can I become one? In today’s data-driven world, businesses...

What is Python and Why Should You Care?

Why Ethics are Important in Data Science

In 2013, New York City’s Health and Human Services division embarked on a noble project: use data to ensure that homeless families were paired with appropriate public services. To start, the division’s data group was tasked with building a model...