Faculty Directory

Name DepartmentEmailPhoneOffice
Gerald Athlaide
Gerard A. Athaide Professor of Marketing
Marketinggathaide@loyola.edu 410-617-2858 Sellinger Hall 414
Linda Bartlett Headshot
Linda Bartlett Executive in Residence of Finance
Financelabartlett@loyola.edu 410-617-2843 Sellinger Hall 310
Auburn Bell
Auburn Bell Executive in Residence of Marketing
Marketingarbell@loyola.edu 410-617-1623 Sellinger Hall 414
Michael W. Bender
Michael W Bender Executive in Residence of Accounting
Accountingmwbender@loyola.edu 410-617-7449 Sellinger Hall 214
Robbie Bishop-Monroe
Robbie Bishop-Monroe Assistant Professor of Accounting
Accountingrbishop-monroe@loyola.edu 410-617-2329 Sellinger Hall 311
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Associate Professor of Operations Management
Information Systems Law and Operationjbrown11@loyola.edu 410-617-2868 Sellinger Hall 305
Timothy Brown, S.J.
Rev. Timothy Brown Associate Professor of Law and Social Responsibility
Information Systems Law and Operationtbrown@loyola.edu 410-617-5524 Sellinger Hall 401
John Burger
John Burger Professor of Economics
Economicsjburger@loyola.edu 410-617-5831 Sellinger Hall 313
Stacy Chavez
Stacy Chavez, CPA Assistant Professor of Accounting
Accountingslchavez@loyola.edu 410-617-7370 Sellinger Hall 316
Dr. Tuugi Chuluun, CFA
Tuugi Chuluun, CFA Professor of Finance, Travelers Scholar
Financetchuluun@loyola.edu 410-617-2302 Sellinger Hall 407
Billur Cohen
Billur Cohen Assistant Teaching Professor of Economics
Economicsbcohen1@loyola.edu Sellinger Hall 421
Ernest Cooke
Ernest F. Cooke Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Jeffrey Cummings
Jeffrey L. Cummings Professor of Management
Management Organizationsjcummings@loyola.edu 410-617-2453 Sellinger Hall 417
Irem Demirkan
Irem Demirkan Associate Professor of Management and International Business
Management Organizationsidemirkan@loyola.edu 410-617-2395 Sellinger Hall 418b
Frederick Derrick
Frederick Derrick Professor Emeritus of Economics
Christy DeVader
Christy L. Devader Associate Professor of Management
Management Organizationscdevader@loyola.edu 410-617-2609 Sellinger Hall 409
Hung-bin Ding
Hung-bin Ding Associate Dean of Academics, Professor of Management
Management Organizationshding@loyola.edu 410-617-5598 Sellinger Hall 418b
John Dougherty Assistant Professor of Economics
Economicsjpdougherty1@loyola.edu 410-617-5431 Sellinger Hall 411
Frank D'Souza
Frank P. D'Souza Finance Department Chair, Professor of Finance
Financefpdsouza@loyola.edu 410-617-5210 Sellinger Hall 318b
Lynne Elkes
Lynne C. Elkes Lecturer of Economics, Academic Director for Sellinger Scholars
Economicslelkes@loyola.edu Sellinger Hall 425
Nan Ellis
Nan Ellis Professor Emerita of Law and Social Responsibility
Information Systems Law and Operationnellis@loyola.edu 410-617-2619 Columbia 367
Scott Emge
D. Scott Emge Executive in Residence of Finance
Lisa Fairchild
Lisa M. Fairchild Professor of Finance
Financelfairchild@loyola.edu 410-617-2681 Sellinger Hall 300
Jon Fulkerson
Jon A. Fulkerson Assistant Professor in Finance
Financejafulkerson@loyola.edu 410-617-5634 Sellinger Hall 212
Frederick Fusting
Frederick H. Fusting Affiliate Professor of Marketing
Marketingfhfusting@loyola.edu 410-617-2165 Sellinger Hall 416
Andrea Giampetro-Meyer
Andrea M. Giampetro-Meyer Professor of Law and Social Responsibility
Information Systems Law and Operationagiampet@loyola.edu 410-617-2570 Sellinger Hall 408
John Gray
John A. Gray Professor Emeritus of Law and Social Responsibility
Information Systems Law and Operationjgray@loyola.edu
Hank Hilton, S.J.
Rev. F. Hank Hilton Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics
Ellen Hoadley
Ellen D. Hoadley Professor Emerita of Information Systems
Information Systems Law and Operationehoadley@loyola.edu 410-617-1618 Timonium 40f
Nune Hovhannisyan
Nune Hovhannisyan Associate Professor of Economics
Economicsnhovhannisyan@loyola.edu 410-617-2948 Sellinger Hall 312
Mark Hubbard
Mark Hubbard Lecturer of Management
Management Organizationsmfhubbard@loyola.edu 410-617-2357 Sellinger Hall 305
Frank Izzo
Frank B. Izzo, CPA Lecturer of Accounting
Accountingfbizzo@loyola.edu 410-617-2752 Sellinger Hall 214
Theresa Jefferson
Theresa L. Jefferson Associate Professor of Information Systems
Information Systems Law and Operationtljefferson@loyola.edu 410-617-5727 Sellinger Hall 208
Roger Kashlak
Roger J. Kashlak Professor Emeritus of Management and International Business
Management Organizationsrkashlak@loyola.edu
sean keehan
Sean Keehan, MA Executive in Residence - Economics
Economicsskeehan@loyola.edu 410-617-2937 Sellinger Hall 204
Kermit Keeling
Kermit Keeling Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Elizabeth Kennedy
Elizabeth J. Kennedy Professor of Law and Social Responsibility
Information Systems Law and Operationejkennedy@loyola.edu 410-617-5534 Sellinger Hall 410
Headshot of Dr. Astrid Schmidt-King
Astrid Schmidt-King Teaching Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
Management Organizationsaschmidt-king@loyola.edu 410-617-5850 Sellinger Hall 406
Richard Klink
Richard Robert Klink Professor of Marketing, DeFrancis Faculty Scholar
Marketingrklink@loyola.edu 410-617-5546 Sellinger Hall 418
John Peter Krahel
John Peter Krahel, CPA Accounting Department Chair, Professor of Accounting
Accountingjkrahel@loyola.edu 410-617-5416 Sellinger Hall 317
Pratima Kshetry Lecturer of Information Systems
Information Systems Law and Operationpkshetry@loyola.edu 410-617-2752 Sellinger Hall 416
Karyl Leggio
Karyl B. Leggio Professor in Finance
Finance kbleggio@loyola.edu 410-617-2097 Timonium 40
Jake London Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Information Systems Law and Operationjlondon1@loyola.edu 410-617-2721 Sellinger Hall 309
Peter Lorenzi
Peter Lorenzi Professor Emeritus of Management and International Business
Management Organizationsplorenzi@loyola.edu
Dr. Dave Luvison
Dave Luvison Executive in Residence of Management and International Business
Management Organizationsdluvison@loyola.edu 410-617-2679 Sellinger Hall 206
Thomas Lyons Assistant Teaching Professor of Economics
Economicstjlyons@loyola.edu Sellinger Hall 419
Fabio Mendez
Fabio Mendez Professor of Economics
Economicsfmendez1@loyola.edu 410-617-5754 Sellinger Hall 415
Anthony Mento
Anthony Mento Professor Emeritus of Management
Management Organizationsamento@loyola.edu 410-617-1507 Timonium 40g
John Michel
John W. Michel Associate Professor of Management, Busch Faculty Scholar
Management Organizationsjwmichel@loyola.edu 410-617-5995 Sellinger Hall 413
Alfred Michenzi
Alfred R. Michenzi Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Adam Peake Executive in Residence of Marketing
Marketingapeake@loyola.edu 410-617-5684 Sellinger Hall 210
Gloria Phillips-Wren
Gloria Phillips-Wren Professor of Information Systems
Information Systems Law and Operationgwren@loyola.edu 410-617-5470 Sellinger Hall 314
Srikanth Ramamurthy
Srikanth Ramamurthy Associate Professor of Economics
Economicssramamurthy@loyola.edu 410-617-5863 Sellinger Hall 323
Walter Reinhardt
Walter Reinhart Professor of Finance
Financereinhart@loyola.edu 410-617-1555 Timonium 40g
E. Barry Rice
E. Barry Rice Assistant Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Bill Romani
William Romani Entrepreneur of Residence for Management
Management Organizations 410-617-2131 Sellinger Hall 218e
Tagi Sagafi-Nejad
Tagi Sagafi-Nejad Professor Emeritus of International Business
Management Organizationssagafinejad@loyola.edu
Andrew Samuel
Andrew Samuel Economics Department Chair, Professor of Economics
Economicsasamuel@loyola.edu 410-617-5328 Sellinger Hall 327
Jeremy Schwartz
Jeremy Schwartz Professor of Economics, Sellinger Research Impact Faculty
Economicsjsschwartz@loyola.edu 410-617-2919 Sellinger Hall 315
Charles Scott
Charles E. Scott Professor Emeritus of Economics
Economicscscott@loyola.edu 410-617-2618 Sellinger Hall 307
Ali Sedaghat
Ali M. Sedaghat Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Accounting Sellinger Hall 310
Norman Sedgley
Norman Sedgley Professor of Economics
Economicsnsedgley@loyola.edu 410-617-2848 Sellinger Hall 400
Phoebe Sharkey
Phoebe D. Sharkey Professor Emerita of Operations Management
Information Systems Law and Operationpsharkey@loyola.edu 410-617-2396 Sellinger Hall 304
Yoon Shin
Yoon S. Shin Professor of Finance
Financeyshin@loyola.edu 410-617-2869 Sellinger Hall 307
Jalal Soroosh
Jalal Soroosh Professor of Accounting
Accountingjsoroosh@loyola.edu 410-617-2543 Sellinger Hall 303
Ravi Srinivasan
Ravi Srinivasan Professor of Operations Management
Information Systems Law and Operationrsrinivasan2@loyola.edu Sellinger Hall 306
Paul Tallon
Paul P. Tallon Information Systems, Law and Operations Management Department Chair, Professor of Information Systems
Information Systems Law and Operationpptallon@loyola.edu 410-617-5614 Sellinger Hall 325
Kerry Tan
Kerry Tan Associate Professor of Economics
Economicskmtan@loyola.edu 410-617-2460 Sellinger Hall 321
Rebecca Trump
Rebecca K. Trump Associate Professor of Marketing
Marketingrktrump@loyola.edu 410-617-2751 Sellinger Hall 405
Thomas Ulrich
Thomas A. Ulrich Professor Emeritus of Finance
Kim Wagner
Kimberly L. Wagner, MBA Executive in Residence of Information Systems, Law and Operations
Information Systems Law and Operationklwagner1@loyola.edu 410-617-5521 Sellinger Hall 202
Dr. Bobby Waldrup
Bobby Waldrup Interim Dean, Professor of Accounting
Accountingbwaldrup@loyola.edu 410-617-2301 Sellinger Hall 101b
Stephen Walters
Stephen J.K. Walters Professor Emeritus of Economics
Marianne Ward-Peradoza
Marianne Ward-Peradoza Associate Professor of Economics
Economicsmward3@loyola.edu 410-617-5557 Sellinger Hall 400
Nancy Williams
Nancy A. Williams Associate Professor Emerita of Economics
Marie Yeh
Marie A. Yeh Associate Professor of Marketing
Marketingmayeh@loyola.edu 410-617-2620 Sellinger Hall 427
Dobin Yim
Dobin Yim Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Information Systems Law and Operationdyim@loyola.edu 410-617-2396 Sellinger Hall 319
Dr. Qiyu (Jason) Zhang
Qiyu (Jason) Zhang Marketing Department Chair, Professor of Marketing
Marketingjzhang1@loyola.edu 410-617-5837 Sellinger Hall 423
Guangzhi (Terry) Zhao
Guangzhi (Terry) Zhao Associate Professor of Marketing
Marketinggzhao@loyola.edu 410-617-2693 Sellinger Hall 412
Hong Zhu
Hong Zhu Associate Professor of Accounting
Accountinghzhu1@loyola.edu 410-617-2597 Sellinger Hall 308