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Jake London

Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Research Areas

My research interests lie at the intersection of technology use and the outcomes of that use. Because information systems are primarily tools to be used, I seek to understand how those tools are used and the extent to which use results in desired outcomes. I explore these issues directly through outcome-focused projects, indirectly through novel data collection methods and theoretically through research about research. which knowledge is created. My outcome-focused research initially revolved around one’s use of technology in pursuit of creativity and innovation—the topic of my dissertation—but has evolved to include one’s use of technology in search of the truth (e.g., sharing unverifiable information, propagating myths, etc.). Given my technical background in computer science and application development, some of my research projects have been driven less by interest in a phenomenon and more by the ready availability of Big Data. These projects are topically diverse, ranging from the portrayal of risk drinking behaviors on YouTube to the use of Twitter as a warning system during crises, but they are united in their use of data collection and analysis methods. Finally, since my PhD studies, I have been haunted by the question: How do we know that we know what we know?, and several of my projects explore this issue by investigating how we measure psychological phenomena and how we create novel theoretical contributions.

Academic Degrees

Ph D, Clemson University
MBA, Augusta University
BS, University of Georgia

Representative Publications

Charpin, R., London, J., & Vincent, N. (2024). Knowledge sharing in turmoil: The effect of political divergence on international research collaborations and its implications for global operations management. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS, 268.

Zhao, Q., Zhou, Z., Yang, X. & London, J. (2023). Solution exemplars and sales performance arising in the online service market: the moderating role of reputation and ability. Internet Research.

Jiang, D., J., Jiang, L., London, Grover, V., & Sun, H. (2022). Everything Old Can Be New Again: Reinvigorating Theory Borrowing for the Digital Age. MIS Quarterly.

Pillet, J., Vitari, C., London, J. & Matthews, K. (2022). Early-Stage Construct Development Practices in IS Research: A 2000-2020 Review. ICIS 2022 Proceedings.

London, J., & Yeh, M. (2022). Vomiting for Views: An Investigation of risky behavior in user generated alcohol branded content on YouTube and its role in driving engagement. AMA Marketing + Public Policy Conference 2022 Proceedings.

London, J., Li, S., Sun, H. (2022). Seems Legit: An Investigation of the Assessing and Sharing of Unverifiable Messages on Online Social Networks. Information Systems Research.

London, J. and Grover, V., "Creativity with IS: A Conservation of Resources Perspective" (2021). AMCIS 2021 Proceedings.

London, J. (2021). Tweeting the Alarm: Exploring the Efficacy of Twitter as a Serial Transmitter during the COVID-19 Pandemic. SIGMIS-Computer and People Research Conference 2021 Proceedings.

London, J., and Matthews, K. (2021). “Crisis Communication on Social Media - Lessons from Covid-19,” Journal of Decision Systems.

London, J., Matthews, K., & Grover, V. (2017). On Meaning and Measurement: A Review of Content Validity.

Jiang, D., Jiang, L., London, J., Grover, V., & Sun, H. (2016). Taking Ownership of Borrowed Theories: The Case of Transaction Cost Theory. ICIS 2016 Proceedings.

Grover, V., London, J., & Craig, K. (2016). A Historical Observation of the Intellectual and Institutional Structures of the Field. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 38(1).

London, J., & Sun, H. (2015). Information Leakage as Diagnostic Communication. International Conference on Information Systems SIGBPS 2015 Workshop on Business Processes and Services.

Sun, H., Luo, F., London, J., & Jiao, X. (2014). Fashionable Technology, Fashion Waves, and Post-Adoption Regret and Satisfaction. ICIS 2014 Proceedings.

Professional Memberships

Association of for Information Systems

Honors and Awards

SIGMIS-CPR’21 Runner-up for the Magid Igbaria Outstanding Conference Paper of the Year