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Jay Brown

Associate Professor of Operations Management
Jay Brown

Research Areas

Operations and supply chain management, Stochastic and mathematical modeling, Last mile delivery, Process improvement

Academic Degrees

PhD, Kent State University
MBA,Kent State University
BBA, Kent State University

Representative Publications

Brown, J. R., Bushuev, M. A., and Guiffrida, A. L. (2021). Distance metrics matter: Analysing optimisation algorithms for the last mile problem. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, 38(2), 151-174.

Gopalakrishna-Remani, V., Brown, J. R., Shanker, M., and Hu, M. (2018). An information supply chain system view for managing rare infectious diseases: the need to improve timeliness. Information and Management, 55(2), 215-223.

Bushuev, M. A., Brown, J. R., and Rudchenko, T. (2018). Improving delivery performance for asymmetric Laplace distributed delivery time in a two-stage supply chain. International Journal of Production Research, 56(15), 5172-5187.

Brown, J. R. and Guiffrida, A. L. (2017).  Stochastic modeling of the last mile problem for delivery fleet planning.  Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, 56(2), 93-108.

Brown, J. R. (2015).  A capacity constrained mathematical programming model for cellular manufacturing with exceptional elements.  Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 37(1), 227-232.

Brown, J. R. and Guiffrida, A. L. (2014).  Carbon emissions comparison of last mile delivery versus customer pick up.  International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, 17(6), 503-521.

Brown, J. R., Bushuev, M. A., Kretinin, A. A., and Guiffrida, A. L. “Recent Developments in Green Supply Chain Management: Sourcing and Logistics”, Green Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Business Practice, IGI Global, M. Khan, M. Hussain, and M. Ajmal (eds.), 2014.

Professional Memberships

DSI (Decision Sciences Institute)
INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences)
ISM (Institute for Supply Management)
POMS (Production and Operations Management Society)