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Nan Ellis

Professor Emerita of Law and Social Responsibility
Nan Ellis


Nan S. Ellis is a Professor of Law and Social Responsibility in the Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management.  She received her law degree from The Ohio State University.  Her research interests concern law and public policy issues, with a focus on financial regulation and policy.   Her current teaching interests are in the areas of ethics and corporate social responsibility, and business law.  Working with Marketing Professor Dr. Gerard Athaide, she takes graduate students enrolled in her International Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility annually class to Chile, where they visit such companies as Samsung, Codelco and ACHS, along with the non-profit agency, Hogar de Cristo.

Academic Degrees

JD, The Ohio State University
BA, The Ohio State University

Representative Publications

Mento, Ellis, Everett & Lorenzi, What to do about Joe, Journal of Business Cases and Applications, 19 J. of Busi. Cases and Application, 1-22 (2018)

Ellis, Dow & Savafian, Use of FIRREA to Impose Liability in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis, (forthcoming) University of Pennsylvania Journal of business law.   

Ellis & Dow, Attaching Criminal Liability to Credit Rating Agencies: Use of the Corporate Ethos Theory of Criminal Liability, 17 University of Pennsylvania Journal of business law 167 (2015).

Nan S. Ellis, Lisa Fairchild and Frank D'Souza, Conflicts of Interest in the Credit Rating Industry After Dodd-Frank: Continued Business as Usual?, Virginia Law and Business Review, 7 2012, 1-46.

Nan S. Ellis, Lisa Fairchild and Frank D'Souza, Is Imposing Liability on Credit Rating Agencies a Good Idea?: Credit Rating Agency Reform in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance, 2012.

Nan S. Ellis, Lisa M. Fairchild and Harold D. Fletcher, The NYSE Response to Specialist Misconduct: An Example of the Failure of Self-Regulation, Berkeley Business Law Journal, 7(1) 2010, 102-149.

Frank P. D'Souza, Nan S. Ellis and Lisa M. Fairchild, Illuminating the Need for Regulation in Dark Markets: Proposed Regulation of the OTC Derivatives Market, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, 12(2) 2010, 473-516.

Nan Ellis, The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: The Story Behind the Statute, Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy, 76 2009.

Ellis, N. S., Employer-Based Training Programs for TANF Recipients: A Public Policy Examination, Fordham Urb. L.J., 32, (2005).

Ellis, N. S., Work is its Own Reward: Are Workfare Participants Employees Entitled to Protection Under the Fair Labor Standards Act?, Cornell Journal of Law and Policy, (2003).

Ellis, N. S., Individual Training Accounts Under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998: Is Choice a Good Thing?, Georgetown Journal on Law and Policy, 8, (2001).

Professional Memberships

Academy of Legal Studies in Business