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Lisa M. Fairchild

Professor of Finance
Lisa Fairchild

Academic Degrees

Ph D, University of South Carolina
BBA, East Tennessee State University

Representative Publications

S. Yi, L. Fairchild, and Y. Shin, “The Information Value of Credit Rating Withdrawals,” International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives, volume 2 (2), 2016, pp. 108-132.

L. Fairchild, Y. Shin and Y. Yan, “Does SEC Rating Agency Certification Matter?  The Case of A.M. Best,” International Journal of Financial Research, volume 6 (4), 2015, pp. 10-21

Nan S. Ellis, Lisa Fairchild and Frank D'Souza, Conflicts of Interest in the Credit Rating Industry After Dodd-Frank: Continued Business as Usual?, Virginia Law and Business Review, 7 2012, 1-46.

Nan S. Ellis, Lisa Fairchild and Frank D'Souza, Is Imposing Liability on Credit Rating Agencies a Good Idea?: Credit Rating Agency Reform in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance, 2012.

Lisa Fairchild, Member, Attendance Area Adjustment Committee, Howard County Public School System, , 2010.

Nan S. Ellis, Lisa M. Fairchild and Harold D. Fletcher, The NYSE Response to Specialist Misconduct: An Example of the Failure of Self-Regulation, Berkeley Business Law Journal, 7(1) 2010, 102-149.

Frank P. D'Souza, Nan S. Ellis and Lisa M. Fairchild, Illuminating the Need for Regulation in Dark Markets: Proposed Regulation of the OTC Derivatives Market, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, 12(2) 2010, 473-516.

Lisa Fairchild, Illuminating the Need for Regulation in Dark Markets: Proposed Reform of the OTC Derivatives Market, Journal of Business Law, 12(2) 2010, 101-144.

Lisa M. Fairchild, Susan M. Flaherty and Yoon S. Shin, Analysis of Unsolicited Credit Ratings in Japan: New Evidence from Moody's, Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, 12(1) 2009, 103-123.

Shin, Y. S., Fairchild, L. M., The Japanese Credit Rating Environment: Insights from Issuers, Research in International Business & Finance, (2006).

Fairchild, L. M., Li, J. W., Director Quality and Firm Performance, Financial Review (The), 40, (2005), p. 257-279.

Fairchild, L. M., Trillion Dollar Bet: A Video Supplement for Teaching Derivatives, Advances in Financial Education, (2004), p. 13.

Fairchild, L. M., Ellis, N. S., Rule 15C2-12: A Flawed Regulatory Framework Creates Pitfalls for Municipal Issuers, Washington University Journal of Law and Policy, 2, (2000), p. 587-626.

Fairchild, L. M., Are Federal Disclosure Requirements Beneficial for the Municipal Bond Market?, Municipal Finance Journal, Fall 2000, (2000), p. 18.

Professional Memberships

American Finance Association
Financial Management Association