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Billur Cohen

Assistant Teaching Professor of Economics
Billur Cohen

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Marmara University, Istanbul- Turkey, 2011

Research Areas

Behavioral Economics, Neuroeconomics, International Economics and Economic Development

Representative Publications

Billur Cohen, Neuroeconomics- A New Perspective, Social Sciences Research Society (Sobiad) Publications, ISBN: 978-605-68961-7-0 - Book Chapter (2019) 

Cohen (2018), A Currency Board System Would Strengthen Turkey’s Economy, Global Policy Institute, Washington DC

Atilgan, O and Cohen, B. (2017), The Effect of Direct Taxes on Newly Established Firms:The Case of Turkey for 1985-2015, International Journal of Academic Value Studies

Guner, B and Alcin, S. (2015), The Middle Income Trap: Lessons for Turkey, Economics and Administrative Sciences Journal/Marmara University, Issue 37, Nr 1

Guner, B.  And Kirer, H. (2014),  Rationality and the Deviations from Rationality, İKÜ Publications, “A Life Dedicated to Economics: Prof.Dr. Ali Özgüven” (Book Chapter), P: 93-106

Güner,B. And Gümüşoğlu N.(2013), The Inflation Phenomenon: Is it Still a Threat for Economies? The Success Story of Turkey, The Journal of American Business Review, Vol. 3 nr1, s.219-224

Güner,B AND Alkın, E.(2011) Recent Developments of the Financial Markets in Turkey and The General Outlook of the World  Economy, Mercek Journal, Number 64, pp: 23-29