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Rebecca K. Trump

Associate Professor of Marketing
Rebecca Trump


Rebecca K. Trump is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the Sellinger School of Business at Loyola University Maryland.  She holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in Marketing) and a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Economics.  She teaches in Loyola's undergraduate and graduate programs.  Her teaching interests are in the areas of consumer behavior and socially responsible marketing.

Research Areas

Experimental consumer psychology, particularly focusing on connections between brands and consumers’ identities and on consumers’ reactions to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Academic Degrees

PhD, University of Arizona
BS, Georgia State University

Representative Publications

Newman, Kevin P., and Rebecca K. Trump (2022), “Addressing the Eco-Gender Gap in Men through Power and Sustainability Self-Efficacy,” Journal of Brand Management. Published online December 31, 2022.

Trump, Rebecca K., and Kevin P. Newman (2021), “Emotion Regulation in the Marketplace: The Role of Pleasant Brand Personalities,” Marketing Letters, 32 (2), 231-245. 

Newman, Kevin P. and Rebecca K. Trump (2019), “Reducing Skepticism about Corporate Social Responsibility: Roles of Gender and Agentic-Communal Orientations,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 36 (1), 189-196.

Newman, Kevin P. and Rebecca K. Trump (2017), “When are Consumers Motivated to Connect with Ethical Brands? The Roles of Guilt and Moral Identity Importance,” Psychology & Marketing, 34 (6), 597-609.

Trump, Rebecca K., and Kevin P. Newman (2017), “When do Unethical Brand Perceptions Spillover to Competitors?” Marketing Letters, 28 (2), 219-230.

Trump, Rebecca K. (2016), “Harm in Price Promotions: When Coupons Elicit Reactance,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 33 (4), 302-310.

Trump, Rebecca K., Paul M. Connell, and Stacey R. Finkelstein (2015), “Dissociation from Beloved Unhealthy Brands Decreases Preference for and Consumption of Vegetables ,” Appetite.
Trump, Rebecca K., Stacey R. Finkelstein, and Paul M. Connell (2014), “I Will Risk a Stranger’s Money, but Not My Own or My Friend’s Money: Effect of Proximity of the Money Source to the Self on Financial Risk-Taking,” Marketing Letters.
Thomas, Tandy Chalmers, Rebecca K. Trump, and Linda L. Price (2015), “Advertising as Unfavorable Self-Presentation: The Dirty Laundry Effect,” Journal of Advertising, 44 (1), 58-70.
Trump, Rebecca K. (2014), “Connected Consumers' Responses to Negative Brand Actions: The Roles of Transgression Self-Relevance and Domain,” Journal of Business Research, 67 (9), 1824-1830.

Professional Memberships

American Marketing Association
Association for Consumer Research
Society for Consumer Psychology