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Marie A. Yeh

Associate Professor of Marketing
Marie Yeh


Marie joined the Marketing Department faculty in 2013. Prior to earning her doctorate from Kent State University, Marie had a successful career in nonprofit management and public health serving most recently as the Executive Director of the Coalition for Children’s Mental Health.  She also has over eleven years of experience in health promotion and disease prevention utilizing media campaigns, coalition building, peer education, social marketing, and other methods to raise awareness and affect attitudinal and behavioral change.  Marie is an accomplished trainer and educator with over fifteen years of experience in multiple settings.  She also served as an independent grants consultant and grant writer bringing in over $12 million in funding for her nonprofit clients.  She holds a Masters in Counseling from Old Dominion University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Education from the University of Maryland, College Park.  Her research interests include consumer socialization, persuasion, decision making and marketing’s intersection with health and public policy. Her research has been presented at national marketing conferences and received recognition by the Kent State College of Business Administration winning the Dean’s Best Paper Award in 2011.

Academic Degrees

Ph D, Kent State University
MS Ed, Old Dominion University
BS, University of Maryland College Park

Representative Publications

Yeh, Marie A., Robert D. Jewell and Cesar Zamudio, (2018) “An Investigation of Age and Gender Differences in Children’s Preferences Underlying Choice,” Young Consumers. 

Yeh, Marie A., Robert D. Jewell and Veronica L Thomas, (2017) “The Stigma of Mental Illness: Using Segmentation for Social Change,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Mirabito, Ann M., Cele C. Otnes, Elizabeth Crosby, David B. Wooten, Jane Machin, Chris Pullig, Natalie Ross Adkins, Susan Dunnett, Kevin D. Thomas, Marie A. Yeh, Cassandra Davis, Johanna Gollnhofer, Aditi Grover, Kathy Hamilton, Jess Matias, Natalie Mitchell, Edna Ndichu, Nada Savarh, Sunaina Velageleti, (2016), “The Stigma Turbine: A Theoretical Framework for Conceptualizing and Contextualizing Marketplace Stigma,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 35(2), 170-184.

Thomas, Veronica, Marie A. Yeh and Robert D. Jewell, (2015) “Enhancing Valuation: The Impact of Self-Congruence with a Brand on the Endowment Effect,” Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (formerly known as Journal of Socio-Economics), 55 (October), 178-185.  

Yeh, Marie A. and Robert D. Jewell, (2015) “The Effectiveness of the Myth/Fact Message Frame on Attitudes towards the Mentally Ill,” Journal of Advertising.

Yeh, Marie A., Robert D. Jewell and Michael Y. Hu, (2013) "Stereotype Processing's Effect on the Impact of the Myth/Fact Message Format & the Role of Personal Relevance," Psychology & Marketing, 30(1), 36-45.

Machin, Jane, Brister, Teri, Bossarte, Robert, Drenten, Jenna; Hill, Ronald, Holland, Deborah, Martik, Maria, Mulder, Mark, Viswanathan, Madhubalan, Yeh, Marie, Mirabito, Ann, Farrell, Justine, Crosby, Elizabeth, and Adkins, Natalie Ross, "Conversations about Conducting Marketing Research in Mental Health," (forthcoming ), Journal of Consumer Marketing. (1st 10 authors listed in alphabetical order contributed original content to the article. Remaining authors edited the article) 
Yeh, Marie A., Ann Mirabito and Stacey Finkelstein, “Physical Risk Messaging Enhances Favorable Attitudes towards Mask Wearing,” (Winter 2021), Journal of Consumer Affairs, 55(4), 1682-1690. (All authors contributed equally) 
Yeh, Marie A., Meike Eilert, Aphrodite Vlahos, Stacey Menzel Baker, and Tony Stovall, “Toward a 'Human Being to Commodity Model' as an Explanation for Men's Violent, Sexual Consumption of Women,” (Fall 2021), Journal of Consumer Affairs, 55(3), 911-938. (1st 2 authors primarily responsible for the paper) 


Awards and Honors

University Fellowship, Kent State University
AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Seattle, WA
Dean's Best Paper Award (College-wide), KSU College of Business Administration
Golden Key National Honor Society
Teaching Fellowship, KSU College of Business Administration

Professional Memberships

American Marketing Association
Association for Consumer Research