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Phoebe D. Sharkey

Professor Emerita of Operations Management
Phoebe Sharkey

Academic Degrees

Ph D, Johns Hopkins University
AB, Duke University
MS, Georgetown University

Representative Publications

Phoebe D. Sharkey, W. Hsu and D. Rigamonti, The Application of Data Mining to Evaluate the Cost Effectiveness of Alternative Treatment Modalities for Brain Tumors in a National Medicare Data Base, International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences, 2(4) 2011.

Wren, G. P., Kramer, S. B., Sharkey, P. D., Strategic decision making under conditions of complex demand and market risks, International Journal of Applied Decision Science.

Wren, G. P., Sharkey, P. D., Dy, S., Mining lung cancer patient data to assess healthcare resource utilization, Expert Systems with Applications, (2007).

Williams, M., Sharkey, P. D., Van Doren, D. C., Influence of Shunt Surgery on Healthcare Expenditures of Elderly Fee-for-Service Medicare Beneficiaries with Hydrocephalus, Journal of Neurosurgery, 107, (2007), p. 21-28.

Dy, S., Sharkey, P. D., Comorbid illnesses and Healthcare Utilization among Medicare Beneficiaries with Lung Cancer, Criticasl Reviews in Oncology/Hematology, 59, 3, (2006), p. 218-225.

Bynum, J., Sharkey, P. D., Braunstein, J., The Influence of Health Status, Age, and Race on Screening Mammography in Elderly Women, Archives of Internal Medicine, 165, (2005), p. 2083-2088.