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Ravi Srinivasan

Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management
Ravi Srinivasan

Research Areas

My research interests are in the areas of Innovation, Risk management, and IT/SCM interface.

Innovation: In today's world, many of the innovations are undertaken not only by one company but also by the suppliers in their supply chains. In my research, I examine how the structural and infrastructural elements of managing supply chains help or hinder firms in their innovation process.

Risk management: Interest in supply chain disruptions and risk management has increased after the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, I explored how firms can learn from disruption events. After the pandemic, I started examining how disruptions caused by the pandemic have impacted firms and how firms have recovered from this event.

IT/SCM interface: I am interested in examining how firms leverage information technology, especially new technologies/ capabilities (e.g., Data analytics, IoT, or AI), in effectively and efficiently managing their global supply chains. My research interest in this topic is also informed by my work experience as an IT, Supply chain, and Management consultant.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Operations and Sourcing Management, Michigan State University
M.S. in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Kansas State University
B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India


Dr. Ravi Srinivasan is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at Loyola University Maryland. He received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Operations and Sourcing Management. His research has been published in the Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Strategic Management Journal, Decision Sciences, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Production Economics, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. He teaches Operations Management and Global Supply Chain Management in undergraduate and MBA programs. Before coming to Loyola, he taught at Michigan State University.

In addition to his research and teaching activities, Dr. Srinivasan serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Operations Management and the International Journal of Operations and Production Management. He also serves as a reviewer for leading academic journals in Operations Management and Supply chain management. Currently, he serves as VP of Member Services for the Decision Sciences Institute and as the YouTube channel coordinator for the Production and Operations Management Society. He has been quoted many times in local media, such a
s Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal, The daily record, and WBAL-TV.

Before starting his Ph.D., Ravi had close to 9 years of industry experience implementing supply chain processes and IT in firms belonging to auto/industrial, appliance, and high-tech sectors. His work with various clients resulted in significant inventory and distribution cost reductions, increased customer service levels, improved forecasting accuracy, and increased sales. He has managed global teams located in the US and India.

Recent Publications

Srinivasan, R., Diatha, K.S. & Singh, S (2024). Adoption of cashless payment systems in the bottom-ofthe-pyramid retail supply chains in India: A technology-organization-environment framework perspective. Electronic Commerce Research.

Srinivasan, R., Jha, A. K., & Verma, N. K. (2023). To talk or not?: An Analysis of firm-initiated social media communication's impact on firm value preservation during a massive disruption across multiple firms and industries. Decision Sciences.

Srinivasan, R., Kumar, M., Narayanan, S., & Browning, T. (2022). The big pivot. Supply Chain Management Review, 38-41.

Demirkan, I., Srinivasan, R., & Nand, A. (2022). Innovation in SMEs: the role of employee training in German SMEs. Journal of small business and enterprise development, 29(3), 421-440.

Srinivasan, R., Choo, A., Narayanan, S., Sarkar, S., & Tenhiälä, A. (2021). Knowledge sources, innovation objectives, and their impact on innovation performance: Quasi-replication of Leiponen and Helfat (2010). Strategic Management Journal, 42 (11), 2104– 2136.

Choo, A., Narayanan, S., Srinivasan, R., & Sarkar, S. (2021). Introducing goods innovation, service innovation, or both? Investigating the tension in managing innovation revenue streams for manufacturing and service firms. Journal of Operations Management, 67(6), 704-728. 2022. Jack Meredith best paper award.

Srinivasan, R., Kumar, M. and Narayanan, S. (2020). Human resource management in an industry 4.0 Era: a supply chain management perspective. In: Choi, Thomas Y., Li, Julie Juan, Rogers, Dale S., Schoenherr, Tobias and Wagner, Stephan M. eds. The Oxford Handbook of Supply Chain Management, Oxford University Press

Azadegan, A., Srinivasan, R., Blome, C., & Tajeddini, K. (2019). Learning from near-miss events: An organizational learning perspective on supply chain disruption response. International Journal of Production Economics, 216, 215-226.

Srinivasan, R., Narayanan, S., & Narasimhan, R. (2018). An Investigation of Justice, Conflict, and Moderating Effects of Supplier Autonomy and Cultural Distance in Buyer-Supplier Relationships.IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 65(1), 6-20.

Professional Memberships

Decision Sciences Institute (Role: VP of Professional Development)
Production and Operations Management (Role: YouTube Channel Coordinator)

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Reviewer – European Journal of Information Systems - 2023

Jack Meredith Best Paper Award (Journal of Operations Management) - 2022
Sellinger School of Business STAR award for research - 2022
Sellinger School of Business STAR award for Teaching - 2016
Outstanding Reviewer – Decision Sciences Institute - 2015
Patent for "Method and apparatus for zoom control with a scroll bar" at IBM