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Andrew Samuel

Professor of Economics
Andrew Samuel

Andrew Samuel's website 

Academic Degrees

Ph D, Boston College
MA, Boston College
BA, Calvin College

Representative Publications

“Cartel formation and decision: the role of information and disclosure” (with Ruben Korsen) forthcoming in Europeen Journl ofPolitical Economy (May 2023)

“Going Underground: THe impact of deterrence on the landlord's decision to operate informally)” (with Jeremy Schwartz) forthcoming in Applied Economics (January 2023)

“Race, poverty and the social determinants of the coronavirus divide: U.S. county-level disparities and risk factors”, (with Laura J. Samuel, PhD, Darrell J. Gaskin, PhD, et al), BMC Public Health (June 2021).

Ajit Mishra, Samuel Andrew, Does it matter who extorts? Extortion by competent and incompetent officers”, accepted to Scottish Journal of Political Economy (August 2021).

“Self-reporting and Market Structure” (with Matthew Rablen) accepted to Economica (December 2020).

“Licensing and the informal sector in rental markets: theory and evidence” (with Jeremy Schwartz and Kerry Tan), accepted to Contemporary Economic Policy (July 2020).

“Announced or Surprise Inspections and Oligopoly Competition" (with Emmanuel Dechenaux) forthcoming in B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy

“Avoidance and the optimal burden of proof” (with Murat Mungan) forthcoming in Economics Letters

“Product market competition’s effect on earnings management when audit quality is endogenous: theory and evidence” (with Jeremy Schwartz) forthcoming in Review of Law and Economics

“Law enforcement among endogenously (in)competent officers” (with Ajit Mishra) forthcoming in Economic Inquiry (September 2017)

“A note on licenses in the presence of corruption” (with Fabio Mendez and Amy Farmer) forthcoming in Review of Law and Economics (June 2017)

“Preemptive bribery and asymmetric information: Does prior knowledge matter” (with Ajit Mishra) forthcoming Journal of Public Economic Theory (October 2016)

“Maximal fines under announced and unannounced inspections” (with Emmanuel Dechenaux) forthcoming Journal of Public Economic Theory (March 4, 2015)

“Gaming the ‘system’: Interdependent networks and investment inefficiencies” (with Allison Reilly and Seth Guikema), forthcoming Decision Analysis (April 27, 2015)

"Corruption and Hold-up: the role of intermediaries" (with Ajit Mishra), forthcoming in European Journal of Law and Economics, (May 22, 2015)

“Cognitive Dissonance, Ethical Behavior, and Bribery”, forthcoming in Thinking about Bribery: Neuroscience, Moral Cognition and the Psychology of Bribery (eds. Philip Nichols and Diana Roberstson), Cambridge University Press

“The effect of de-hubbing on airfares”, forthcoming Journal of Air Transport Management 50, 45 – 52 (resubmitted September 2015, October, 2015)

“Announced vs. surprise inspections with tipping-off” (with Emmanuel Dechenaux) European Journal of Political Economy Volume 34, June 2014, 167–183 ( December 17, 2013)

“Fair Trade, Market Failures, and (the absence of) Institutions” (with Charles Scott and Fred Derrick), Review of Social Economy, Volume 72, Issue 2, 2014 ( July 16, 2013)

“Bribery in subsidized credit markets: evidence from households in Bangladesh.” (with Aaron Lowen and Emmanuel Dechenaux), Indian Growth and Development Review, 2014, 7(1), 61-72 ( December 9, 2012)

“Resource allocation for homeland defense: Dealing with the team effect”, Decision Analysis, Volume 9 Issue 3, 09 2012, 238-252 ( March 11, 2012)

“Preemptive Corruption, Hold-Up and Repeated Interactions” (with Emmanuel Dechenaux), Economica, Vol. 79, No. 314, 2012 (December, 2011)

“Bribery and Endogenous Monitoring Effort: An Experimental Study” (with Aaron Lowen), Eastern Economic Journal, 38, 356-380 ( August 1, 2011)

“Morality and Happiness” (old title: “Motivating Morality: Game Theory and Moral Motivation”), (with Kelly Clark) in “Evidence and Religious Belief”, Oxford University Press, August 2011

“Corruption and Monitoring Technology” (with Aaron Lowen), Economics of Governance, Vol 11, 2010 (, March 26, 2010)

“Preemptive Collusion among Corruptible Law-Enforcers”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol 7: 2, 2009 (, March 2009)