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Gerard A. Athaide

Professor of Marketing
Gerald Athlaide


Gerard A. Athaide is a Professor of Marketing at Loyola University Maryland and a Research Fellow at the Snyder Innovation Management Center at Syracuse University. His teaching, research, and consulting interests focus on innovation management, digital transformation, and new product development. Gerard has taught courses on Innovation Management, New Product Development and Management, and Technology and Innovation Management in the undergraduate, graduate, and Executive MBA programs at Loyola University since 1992. His teaching excellence has been recognized via several awards including the Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching (2019) and the university’s most prestigious teaching award: The Harry W. Rogers III Distinguished Teacher of the Year award (2010).

Gerard has published several articles on innovation that focus on the commercialization of technology-based innovations, seller-buyer relationships during new product development, and developing effective brand names for new products. In 2017, he was ranked as the 15th leading author in the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Gerard was selected as a Fulbright Specialist (2017-2020) and worked with DIS, Copenhagen on curriculum development initiatives.

Gerard has extensive consulting experience. He has conducted workshops and seminars on innovation management and new product development for senior executives in Australia, Chile, India, New Zealand, and the U.S.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Syracuse University

Representative Publications

Raj, S.P. and Gerard A. Athaide (2022), “Innovation’s domain: The need for a sharper yet broader focus,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 39, 485-488.

Wijekoon, Amali, Salunke, S., and Gerard A. Athaide (2021), "Customer heterogeneity and innovation‐based competitive strategy: A review, synthesis, and research agenda,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 38 (3), 315-333.

Klink, Richard R., Zhang, Jason Q. and Gerard A. Athaide (2021), "Measuring Customer Experience Management and Its Impact on Financial Performance," European Journal of Marketing, 55 (3), 840-867.

Klink, Richard R., Zhang, Jason Q., and Gerard A. Athaide (2020), “Designing a Customer Experience Management Course,” Journal of Marketing Education, 42 (2), 157-169.

Athaide, Gerard A., Zhang, Jason Q., and Richard R. Klink (2019), “Buyer Relationships when Developing New Products: A Contingency Model,” Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 34 (2), 426-438