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Bobby Waldrup

Professor of Accounting
Dr. Bobby Waldrup

Academic Degrees

PhD, University of Mississippi
MPA, University of Mississippi
BS, University of Mississippi

Representative Publications

Xu, H., Waldrup, B., & Michenzi, A. 2023. “Assessing the Effectiveness of Advisory Boards in Accounting Programs.”  Journal of Accounting Education.  Forthcoming.  

Shea, V., Waldrup, B., Xu, Helen, & Williamson, S. 2018.  “Error Rate Impacts on Decision Efficacy:  Activity Based Costing Systems in Small Business.”  Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines.  May. Volume 5, Issue 1.  pp 59-72.

Shea, V., Williamson, S., & Waldrup, B.   2012. “The ABCs of Customer Profitability:  Insights from the PAPER Industry in Florida.”  Research in Business and Economics Journal.  Special Issue.  May. pp. 1-9.

Slater, R., Michelman, J., Waldrup, B., & Peyton, J.  2012. “Stealing From Clients:  the Case of Fiduciary Fraud and One of the Deadly Sins of Any Law Practice.”   Journal of Forensic Studies & Business. Fall.  pp. 9-24.

Michelman, J., Waldrup, B., & Gillman, M.  2012.  “Internal Control and Accounting Systems Documentation:  A Case Study.”   Journal of Business Case Studies.  May/June.  Volume 8, Number 3.  pp. 279-296.